Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Best Christmas Gift We Gave our Children - TRAVEL

This year brought so many realization in my life, most of it is founded around my family and how I can make their lives more meaningful, how they can be better humans, how I can bring more than happiness.

When I was so busy being bothered by how they should grow, I have hoped that the world would always thrill them and that they spend their days running at it full speed, but not getting caught thinking about things that don't matter or even wasting it on people who don't value them.

In between those thoughts, I find time to teach them, cook their favorite meals, save up for them, and bribe everyone to treat them nicely.

Then, every Christmas, my husband and I would make ourselves frantic over what they would want for Christmas and each year, we keep it a surprise and most of those gift-giving moments spent somewhere hiding and wrapping each four gifts an hour before Christmas eve.

Although, it gave them momentary happiness or a lifetime of joy, it's just in my husband's and mine's heart that they would forever treasure and appreciate the things we did and will do for them.  Time past, their source of happiness changes and they have all grown up so fast.  My youngest is now thirteen, not to too young anymore according to her, we also have another teen girl and two early adults.

Icy lake at Nami Island behind them

These four are our lives, although, as husband and wife, we continually find ways to grow our love for each other, our lives still revolve around them, we worry, but we have faith, hope and love!

Last year, and the year before that, getting them gifts have become harder, same as getting one for my husband.

So what then could we give them this Christmas?  Heck, that's one tough question!

But, God was such a pool of wisdom and His promises have always endured.

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."  That is according to Philippians 4:9.  I have held on those promises and it gave me so many revelations, it opened up so many doors of opportunity and one is the luxury of traveling.

So, I figured, if traveling have given me so much joy and impact, why not bring my kids along with me.

It's not an easy traveling with a large family, that's a fact, unless you're endowed with richness, you have millions to spare.  But here is a takeaway, the life-long benefits for the kids and the memories you’ll create far outweigh all your effort.

I came to a realization that creating memories as a family is far more valuable than spending money on toys and trinkets they’ll eventually outgrow.

Our Christmas gift to our kids for 2018 is a winter trip to Korea!  And you know what, it has also been one of the best gifts we gave to each other.

2018 was a fruitful year for our family, we have been to different places in the country, but it's our first time to go out of the country as a family.  Last 2017, I went with my two girls to Italy, it was one heck of a vacation but the joy is not complete because we are not complete as a family, basking in the global romantique treasure that is Italy.

Duomo di Milano, read about our Italian explorations here

Early 2018 as well, when my husband and I traveled to Taipei, and it was quite saddening imagining them at our side learning about the culture of Taiwan.

It was actually my two younger girls who wished and prayed for a Korean drama experience and so I prayed with them as I have gotten into K-drama myself this year, my husband who is just as loving gave into our dreams and planned with me a process which we started in May when he purchased a plane tickets to Incheon.

Seven months, is all it took us to save money for that five-day trip, which I know was short.  The next step was to get our travel Visa's to South Korea.  Read on the link below how we got our Korean Visa despite setbacks.

How Our Family Got Korean Visa Despite NOT Having ITR's

Will be sharing our travel itinerary in the next posts.  Make sure you check them out, for I'm sure you'll definitely get inspired to travel with your family.

I'm not sure if we can top off this year's unwrapped Christmas gift, but I know God will do more wonders for us, and so in yours too.


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