Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lee Jong Suk's 89M Mansion Cafe in Gangnam District

It was our third day and I'm torn whether to stay in Myeongdong or continue on our journey at Garuso-gil, as initially planned.  We are to check out from the rented place in Yongsan and go to Incheon to check in on a hotel, near the airport.

After having our luggage stowed away safely, we decided to have lunch somewhere nice, and my daughter Dana suggested Lee Jong Suk's cafe - 89M Mansion at the Gangnam area and they've also been meaning to visit SM Entertainment (they might have chance upon their favorite K-Pop idols).

So who is Lee Jong Suk?

I first saw him at While You Were Sleeping.  He's a famous Korean actor who began modeling at an early age of 15.  I'm not that of a fan, but I do like how he is as an actor.  After While You Were Sleeping, I watched him at W 2 Worlds and then, Doctor Stranger.  Honestly, he's the only Korean guy, I can remember a name with and he's undoubtedly cute.

It was my kids who really love him, and it was them who proposed about the place.  Who am I to say no, plus I'm so ready for a comfortable lunch at a restaurant owned by a famous guy.


Having heard of Gangnam area, Garuso-gil, for that matter, I knew I have to prepare my pocket, as it is said to be the Beverly Hills of South Korea. according to my readings, living in the Gangnam neighborhoods of Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong, is a status symbol that many Koreans aspire to. Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong are home to many Korean actors, actresses, and idols, miles of luxury retail, a wild nightlife, and it is where Korea's biggest entertainment companies are also located.

How to go to 89 M Mansion Cafe, Sinsa dong?

Garuso-gil is less than an hour of travel, more than 15 bus stops from where we rode the bus from Daebang Station.

First, we took the subway from Seoul Station to Daebang and walked to the blue line bus station 362.  There's always a bus every 4 minutes and you will need to get off at Apgujeong-ro.  Here is the link for the Google map.

From there, walk about 10 minutes to 89M Mansion Cafe, the walk was leisurely as there are lots of fancy restaurants and cafes serving different cuisines (unlike in Myeongdong and Yongsan where you can only see Korean and some Japanese restaurants).

And upon turning to our left...a little walk, seeing two girls taking pictures, we knew, we were there!

facade and entrance with patio

You can tell immediately that it's going to eat up your money, the building looks very modern and classy.  It's the biggest one in the area as it occupies a whole 2-story building.

Upon entering, you will see a neon light heart emoji upfront near the stairs and on the left are dining areas.  On the right is the bar, where you order your drinks.  But if you're going to dine in for meals, you can go up the second floor and order from there.

The interior is sleek and clean, with so-so furniture though.

The Menu

Click the photo to see full size
89M Mansion serves, brunch, rice meals, salads, pasta and cafe specialties.  The menu looked very Mediterranean, innovative and really appetizing to read, with some dishes in fusion with Korean taste.

Posted one of the four pages of the menu above and if you're unfamiliar with the pricing (like we were), the numbers on the left are the prices in Korean Won.  12.0 means 12,000 Korean Won, in peso it's roughly P500 to P 520 - the lowest priced dish that we have ordered.

So, here goes how the famous actor worked on his dream of owning a cafe.  Accordingly, when coming over, make sure to order any of their coffee concoctions.

Savor on this Beef Cream Pasta.  A huge bowl of rigatoni in creamy, cheesy sauce with thin slices of beef, spinach, onion, mushroom and Gorgonzola cheese.  Is it worth paying  22,000 KW (P 1027.62)?
I don't think so! It's expensive, though the ingredients aren't skimped, I don't think having the same kind of dish here in Manila, would only cost 60% less.  But according to my daughter it was really, really good.

With my husband getting irked out by the aroma of my son's plate, he got more shocked seeing the bill changed, cause we added hot beverages on our order.

The above plate is a healthy looking sandwich, as it is served with a garden salad. It's Truffle Mushroom Sandwich, were hefty slices of bacon, mushroom and tomato are wedged in between brioche buns. 

Since it's lunch, some of us needed rice fixing.  Me, my daughter and Bhogs had rice bowls.  Our eldest daughter had Kimchi Pilaf.  A Pilaf is just a sassy term for cooked rice, probably in some special broth or technique.  This rice, topped with fried egg, is cooked in kimchi and has bacon cuts, peas, carrots and favored with perilla seeds.

Bhogs and I had a bowl of Chicken Curry Pilaf each.  It's like Japanese curry rice, but with enough curry sauce.  It has loads of chicken bits, carrots and peas, also topped with fried egg.  It's not as beautiful as the other dishes looked, but I love it!  It can actually feed two people, but I finished it cause it's worth P 500 or even more.

Danica, never failed to add another Carbonara on her list of where to order good Carbonara.  Again, no scrimping on this dish, it's rich and creamy packed with loads of bacon.  Vegetables are probably expensive this time of year as only two broccoli florets are added.  Our bunso (youngest) enjoyed it, nevertheless.

A cafe isn't a cafe without pastries so, we tried their Oreo Cheesecake, and my golly, WOW!  It was perfect - the creamy cheesecake texture, not-so sweet, not so tangy either.  And hey, it's decorated as Santa with the strawberry hat.

The plates were perfectly executed, clean, savory taste, like you just want to try everything now on their menu, that is if you are that "Richie Rich." 

Would I eat here again in the future?  Probably not anymore, as I can probably enjoy three or more cafes with the amount we spent here, or maybe, if Lee Jong Suk himself will be the one making my coffee, hahaha.

To add to what we had...and we must...

89 Latte (7000 KW) - hot espresso run down with creamed milk and topped with chocolate of their brand name.  Nothing too special but it's good.

To prepare us from the cold outside, as we capped off our once a lifetime, ritzy lunch, the girls tried their Hot Chocolate ( 7000 KW).  Nothing fancy but okay!  How I wish I could take the mug home.

It was full house when we dined there, there was actually another Filipino family seated near us, too bad, the boys had to seat somewhere far from us.  We, however love where we seated, it's bathed in sunshine, just that they could have at least a bigger table to accommodate us. 

Business hours: AM 11:00 - PM 10:00

I wished to write about the whole of our five-day Korean experience, but I got overly excited about this.  this is for my fellow K-Drama-loving friends.  So, please do visit the blog for more of Korea's best.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good one!

89M Mansion Cafe

Address: 25, Apgujeong-ro 4-gil, 
               Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

INSTAGRAM @cafe.89mansion


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