Thursday, January 31, 2019

8 Ways to Draw Luck in the New Year of the Pig

Get ready for Chinese New Year 2019 with Harbour City

Chinese New Year has been marked around the globe for over 3,000 years, with its traditions evolving over time. However, the holiday's spirit remains the same as the world looks forward to ushering in another year of luck.

Harbour City in Hong Kong joins in the celebrations with tips on welcoming a prosperous 2019, straight from actor, host, and model Richard Juan and Feng Shui Master Kelvin Poon. Check out these 8 things you can do to ring in a lucky new year.

1. Mix up a meal of Lo Hei: 

This dish is made up of ingredients like salmon and abalone, which in Cantonese sound like ‘prosperity', and is tossed with chopsticks by those sharing the meal.

2. Go rogue:

Whether it's a dash of ruby lipstick or a head-to-toe ensemble, wearing red is a well-known must when celebrating Chinese New Year.

3. Keep the red under wraps:

Wearing red underneath, from socks to underwear, is also a way to attract good luck and is one of CNY's best-kept secrets!

4. Lay out fresh fruits:

Start the year right and make health a habit with fruits at home to liven up the body and spirit-even better if they're red!

5. Sweeten up:

Stock up on sweets to share with special people in your life! Colorful candies are always a hit.

6. Don't skimp on the Lai See:

Everyone looks forward to the tradition of handing out lucky money in a red packet.

7. Make room for fortune:

Clearing up space at work and at home increases the flow of energy, and fresh flowers and Fai Chun decor can add to the positivity of the atmosphere.

8. Share a bowl of Tong Yuan:

Chinese New Year is a time for joyful reunions, so make sure this signature dessert is on the menu at the next gathering of your loved one

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