Saturday, September 1, 2018

Encima Roofdeck Bar

It's not like Mexican or Mexican fusion is all that hard to find in Makati, but Poblacion always make sure you have different places to visit every day.   But my favorite by far is Encima Roofdeck Bar, located atop City Garden Hotel Makati.

It was quite exhilarating to enjoy good food with good company overlooking Makati cityscapes.  This is best during sunset where you can see bay area as the orange-hinted sun kisses the sea.

Many Makati urban workers come up here to wind down traffic and time over unlimited sangria and tequila along with build your own tacos and burritos.

Read my blog on that: 

Taco Bar and Unlimited Margarita and Sangria at Encima Roofdeck Bar

Had a refreshing Pina Colada (P 180)  to start off our dinner. 

My order came really early ahead of our appetizer and boy was I excited.

This Fresh Taco Bowl gives a new life to the usual taco salad.  A crunchy puffed taco shell was loaded with chili tomatoes, fresh salad greens and lotsa white cheese on top, making this an elevated version of the Mexican style.

The Calamares Fritos (P320), a crowd favorite boasts itself with huge rings of utterly crispy and delectable squids.  Served with tartar sauce and pico de gallo.  It's a hefty serving that a group of four can actually share on this.  Every bite a delight as every squid rings are perfectly cooked without fighting on your bite, anyone can easily get addicted with this as it was perfectly spiced and seasoned. 

Th Mayans would rejoice with me as I share with you the highlight of our Tex-Mex eating experience. 

This sexy-looking dish made me fall in love all the more (with my dinner date and with Encima).  A slab of well-executed buttery grilled  Salmon slab is a pleasure to look at and to eat to, yes?

The Mango Salsa crowning the salmon is a good complimentary to the grilled salmon.   And wait, there's more... an order gets you to choose two side dishes!  Gosh!  Such a steal for a good meal.

The choices made me go wonky as there was a lot to choose from.

In this case, since this is for the hubby, I ordered Esquites and Mexican Fried Rice.  An esquites is a traditional Mexican salad composed of corn kernels, cheese, cilantro, garlic with mayo lime dressing.

I'm actually craving for an esquites, so better tune in and watch out for my a new recipe I'll be trying to use Jolly 's Canned Corn Kernels.

The weather was a bit horrifying that time and everyone was clamoring to go home, but Encima seemed like an ordinary busy night.  This busy and food coma-inducing dinner was perfect for an overnight accommodation at City Garden Hotel which what we had and can be capped off with a dip in the pool and more wine.

Encima Roofdeck Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. Wow The food looks good. My mouth is watering. XD

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