Sunday, September 2, 2018

Amp Up Your Hotcake-making Skills with #MAYAHotcakeArt and WIN P 20,000 Maya Products

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or meryenda, hotcakes do not fail to bring sheer joy to the family.  Now that making hotcakes is as easy as  1-2-3 with Maya Hotcake Mix, even kids can make it and preparing them can be as much fun as eating them. With a little imagination and a few additional ingredients which you usually have at home, you can quickly transform your typical breakfast staple into art.

Are you ready to add more fun and flavor to your breakfast staple?  With #MAYAHotcakeArt, your kids will get more excited to see what you've come up with, or better yet involve your kids to design their own hotcakes in various shapes, sizes and colors. But no matter how you prepare them, I'm sure they're going to be mouth-watering and delicious.

To prepare your Hotcake Art just follow the procedure below.

1. In a medium bowl whip up the Maya Hotcake Mix with water.
2. Separate the batter in smaller bowls and drop one or two of the desired food color on each bowl. Mix accordingly.
3. Put each batter on different squeeze bottles.
4. On a non-stick pan, draw your desired design.
5. Put the pan on an open stove and wait for the hotcake mix to start bubbling.  When bubbling stops, flip the pancake with a flat spatula.
6. You may opt to sprinkle it with honey, maple syrup or spread with peanut butter or Nutella.

Below are some of the designs I did for my girls' hotcakes.

How to Score the P 20,000 worth of Maya products with #MAYAHotcakeArt?

Having fun with your hotcakes?

Join the #MAYAHotcakeArt contest to show off your work.

All you need to do is follow Maya Hotcakes and More on Facebook and Instagram and post a photo of your Hotcake Art with the hashtag #MAYAHotcakeArt and don't forget to make sure that the post is public.

You can send in your entries from September 1 to October 31, 2018. The September winner will be judged based on creativity, visual appeal, and social media engagement.  Two (2) very lucky winner will score P 20, 000 worth of Maya products and a free pass to one of Maya Kitchen's lifestyle classes!

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