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How Pizza Grigliata Emerged Like Other Unicorn Brands?

What I really love about a food business, not just their food of course, is the story that makes up the brand, something that can connect to the consumers, thereby meeting their needs. I'll try my best to state some marketing facts in this article without being too deliberate, as I myself is still beguiled by the current state of our food industry, even as a business owner myself.

Learning From Unicorns

Let me ask you something, have you heard of unicorn branding?

I'm sure you know unicorns. They are beloved mythical creatures that look like a horse but dazzlingly adorned with a single horn on his head.  With my recent chat with one of the owners of Pizza Grigliata, Chef Emman Galvez, I've learned that the seeming fantasy creature is now a metaphor in the business world.  It stands as a reference to highly successful start-ups as coined by a US venture capital investor Aileen Lee. 

Among the many hundreds of start-ups, only a handful can make it big, these are the unicorns, which millennial would rave about in social media and something that would sustain their mark in the business. 

Why the unicorn, not a Koi or something else?

Because they’re magical.

They’re rare.

And thought of as magical signs which may bring fortune.

Many of the same qualities sought out by brands and companies the world over.

To be a unicorn brand, the business principle behind Travelling Eats, the company that designed the brand Pizza Grigliata, they had to "swim against the tide and hoped to be remembered as a brand that's unique and interesting."

From a Bazaar Concept That Did Well with Good-flavored Pizzas

What started as Pizza Uolo (an Italian word meaning a guy who makes pizza), the people behind Travelling Eats, has a vision of a portable restaurant, with only a booth flexible enough to redesign over and over again, customizable to any kind of venue and event.  The idea of preparing your pizza right before your eyes won over the market,  plus no other booth serves wine together with their pizza.

With the financial concerns, issues on location and rent, they opted to do pops up and food fairs such as The Gourmand Market, The Podium and Bite Me. While after being established in the catering and food service industry, a demand for a store increased. 

Pizza Grigliata Manila

Grigliata means to grill or barbecue, hence the unique take on Italian staple, ergo the namesake.

They claim to be the first in the country that cooks pizza through a grill and torch process They actually use Breville Grill to cook their pizza, as their chef and part-owner used to be the corporate chef of Breville. 

Many think that they are a franchised company, aside from the catchy name, their vision are just some of the things they love about their brand.and they can't be more than proud with what they have accomplished by far, now that they have a home to serve their creations.

Let's talk about their out of this world (magical) pizza creations.

First of, it's totally guilt-free, hence the hashatag #pizzamadesexy, as their known for their  flat-bread type pizza, inspired from the Roman pizzas.

Their pizzas has more of the flavor and less of the bread, which many would utterly love. They were able to craft a dough that has less gluten.

The owners did everything themselves including the branding and marketing with a millennial mindset.and true enough, they've gained so much love from their clients.

Coming from a struggling concept trying to make a market, they decided to join Ultimate Taste Test in 2017, and WON.  Since then, there had been a hype involving their products and with the clamor for a physical, stand out store, they gave in and opened up their flagship in Greenhills.

Commercially Deviant Pizzas

For them to survive in the ever changing trend, they needed something that would capture the well-traveled demographic without compromising quality and flavor.

They gave the consumers an option with the kind of dough that they want with their pizzas.  So they created the unique crusts with regular, black squid ink, colored doughs made out of beet root (red), carrot (orange) squash (yellow).

Cause, let's face it, today's market are drawn to unique takes on beers, burgers and even healthy breakfast options plus, they have to be Instagramable.  But Pizza Grigliata is far from being pretentious specially in how they do things.  

To be able to get the best pizza you don't need to go to Naples, anywhere and everywhere around the world,  there is a good or better pizza, as pizzas are made differently around the world, thus each may conclude to be their own authenticity.  And Pizza Grigliata is simply true to their words.

The store is evident of the brand they are portraying, it's modern, with an industrial style.  The wines beside each tables and those at the bar area signifies sophistication, conveying how their pizza could be savored with. 

I love how their menu was made as well.  

It's not so hard to choose your pizza, there are limited options for soup, salad and pasta.  They also have charcuterie for those wine meet ups.

You can also enjoy their iced tea, I had the Mojito (faux, no alcohol) iced tea.

Here are my top suggestions.

Prosciutto Arugula Pizza with Black Squid Ink Crust

The baby arugula made this less peppery and pungent, you still get that leafy and nutty, fresh taste savored with the smokey flavor of the prosciutto.  The crust as expected is crunchy yet easy to the bite with a clean taste and a latent hints of the sea.

Wait, there's more, this is served with a secret sauce, an adult liquefied butter ball, as the diners would remark.  I think it's a clarified butter with honey and some other spices added to it. It's pure love for butter right there!

For the colored dough, I got to try the Spinach and Pesto in Squash Dough.

Don't fret, there's no hint of squash flavor in this, that might be weird. The squash, carrot and beet root have very mild taste and the juice of the aforementioned veggies are primarily to give natural colors to the dough.

Here's why you will love this pizza.  For one, it has the alluring aroma and taste of basil.  It's their "NO MEAT" pizza with alfalfa (I love everything with alfalfa) and two-cheese. sauce and cottage cheese for that added saltiness and texture.

Behold the "naked pizza."

One of their specialty pizza that you MUST try - the Tequila Lime Chicken.  Now the food of my affection.

Stripped off the regular tomato sauce, this humbly-looking pizza with all it's garlicky, sweet and spicy bite at the end can be addictive!

It does not have cheese either so best for lactose-intolerant.  I'm a cheese lover but with this, I didn't miss it at all.  The flavorful chicken bits, complemented very well with the pickled onion and surprisingly, the heaping portions of cilantro worked wonders!

It's like tasting a part of Tex-Mex culture.

For the pasta, which they only have three varieties of, I had the Spicy Garlic Sardines served with foccacia bread on the side. If you think there's nothing special to this seemingly sardine embellished pasta, you're mistaken.  It's full of flavor and new conversation pieces in one plate.  First off, nothing beats gourmet sardines (I wish they also have gourmet tuyo next), with the addition of fresh tomatoes and kesong puti, made this a whole lot better, but with freshly chopped coriander leaves, this amped up the game even more.  I can't say, it;s Asian, it's rather more Filipino in nature but all the same, this is something new everyone  should also try.

To summarize my wonderful experience with Pizza Grigliata

This unicorn brand definitely hit the marks to become a remarkable one.

It pulls back the curtains,

                     they have presented an inspiring story.  So, a definite CHECK!

It's part keeping an open mind,  CHECK!

Part understanding their audience.  CHECK!

And, part accurately assessing the “noise level” in the space they've entered.  CHECK! CHECK!


   Second Floor, 8 Missouri Building, 
   Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City

Facebook: Pizza Grigliata Manila

Instagram: @PizzaGrigliata.Manila

Pizza Grigliata Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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