Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Restoring Balance in a Mom's Life at City Garden Hotel Makati

When a woman bears a child and brings his or her into this world, she will forget who she wanted to be.  Each time she raises one, their dreams become hers. Their hurts become hers. 

She loses some and yet gains some.

Last Saturday, I spent time alone with my husband, I felt so guilty for having him line up for parking in Megamall while I attend to some mommy blogger friends at the recently concluded Smart Parenting Convention 2018.

After that, we tended to one of our business, made it really quick as I myself couldn't wait to have a weekend, one that I've been meaning to have for months.

It's a strange thing to return again to yourself because of having been busy being a mom, it's like you've been in absence for a long time, the result of years spent living exclusively to five lives. But I must admit, for 8 years now and continuously counting, my life have been blest, and they are still my best blessings.

Let me also bring credit to blogging.

Beholden to a weekend staycation at City Garden Hotel Makati, I was able to restore a part of me, some sort of balance, that comfort knowing that there is a bigger entity covering you and lavishing you with so much love, one could not even fathom, I'm sure my husband had a well-deserved relaxation as well.

It was such a shame having to check in late but we made sure to accomplish all the things in our bucket list for those days, even if the weather was against it.

We had dinner, a fantastic Mexican one at that.  We ate with our both hands while finishing conversations that would have otherwise been interrupted by the needs of our kin.  There is so much more to tell about our new fave Mexican resto, Encima.  A blog should meant to be dedicated to it.  So allow me to tell you something about it in the next write up.

In the cold night, at Encima Roofdeck Restaurant, I guzzled down a cold glass of Margarita.  We talked again and again about the good old days, and as a good IG husband he is, he took a photo of me wondering into the drizzling busy Saturday night.

Some relief, a release, a feeling that we have left the haze and confusion and raw relentlessness of adulting behind.

The first thing we did was to make sure our alarm was off because we're going to want to sleep in and make the most of knowing you don’t have anywhere to be since it was raining like crazy.  Our room has that homey ambiance where you just want to slow down and it takes the edge of the tension you’ve been holding in your neck and shoulders the last few weeks.

I’d recommend curling up in bed with a cup of tea and that book you’ve been meaning to read or getting cozy with the person you love and kicking off a movie marathon, in our case, we were able to catch up on American Idol 2018 with two episodes, back to back.

Their rooms by the way have been newly refreshed, everything smells new and clean.

We were quite surprised to see our room gifted with a lot of space, you can even do yoga or dance n front of the TV (that is if it doesn't bother you staying in your room even if they have a well-appointed gym and spa.

Rooms for the luggage are provided where you can also find all the other cozy room benefits, including a flat iron and a board, a robe and slippers.

If you care to catch up on blog reading, in our case checking up on our kids over at Facebook or Instagram, you may do so, in the bed, at the sofa or at the office desk provided, all while checking yourself in the mirror.

WIFI is amazing, so it wasn't a problem getting disconnected or not being able to update your social media accounts.

In front of it is the bathroom complete with everything you need.

I genuinely loved the room because it made me felt a bit nostalgic with it's subdued hues and parquet wood flooring.

After having a good sleep and soak in the bathtub, we ended our stay with a hefty, delicious lunch of their new International Bowls over at their Bistro.

And there we were, returning to some normality. Except you never really return.  You are somewhere new, better somehow and harder too.  You may ask, how one night can restore balance in life.

In my current age normality is hard-fought and everyday means braving tornado of surrender.  Sometimes, even a good hot or cold shower can, so a night without the kids, can do wonders.  I'm glad my kids have grown so well that they could take care of themselves and our home, without me and their dad, but I'm sure, two days more and they'll be begging for me to come home.  Just as you bring balance to their lives, you also need to bring balance in your marriage and in your own life.

That's the thing about life. It's kinda hasty and messy and ever so slightly out of balance and most of the time nobody's quite where they're meant to be. But if you just stop for a while, it will knock the wind and clear out of you just how beautiful it all is, even without balance.

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  1. Being A Mom is tough job but it is also one of the best thing in life❤.


  2. WOW! I've felt your emotions in writing this one! Glad to know that you had a life-balance-ing staycation with us Ms. Joy! Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you so much for the warm, lovely welcome and all the best things that came in the package:) More blessings!

  3. Hope I could have a day of relaxation tooo!! aaaggghhhh !

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