Friday, August 31, 2018

100 Years of Famous Dogs for the National Dog Day Commemoration

Our dogs are part of our family and they are part of our priorities as they just love us unconditionally, they comfort me and my kids and provide joy to us.  But like all the other member of the family, you are also responsible for them, in return for their loving service (of being a guard dogs) we are to take care of them .

Hence, one of the most important issue we face when planning any type of travel is what to do with our beloved pets. When you factor in extended travel, it becomes even more difficult.  What we do is to hire a neighbor to take care of them and their surrounding while we are gone.  It's hard to get someone because of trust issues with the dogs, it has to be someone they know else, it's going to be a total chaos.

Nevertheless, life without them, with or without traveling plans can't be the same anymore.  

So to honor them I partnered with Honest Paws in honor of the National Dog Day and I would love to share the video below with you!


  1. That's a good video. Being a dog lover I could say dogs are helpful in times of need and they are reliable in times of trouble. @misspegasus28


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