Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lumina: Walkway of Lights at the Resorts World Manila

During the launch of Grand Fiesta Manila 2017 and the Christmas Tree Lighting of  Newport Mall, another festive mall feat was also launched.

Dubbed as Lumina: Walkway of Lights, RWM's newest installation is wired with at least 100,000 multi-colored LED bulbs that if stretched in a straight line equivalent to approximately 10 kilometers, or a distance between RWM and Greenhills making it arguably the brightest and longest lighted indoor corridor in the country.

It covers a distance of 110 meters between the hotel and the mall, the paved walkway is a design marvel by itself showcasing avant-garde landscapes such as lush green grass on patches of the ceiling, slated wall panels creating a kinetic effect, and even water features in the works.

It is more than just a walkway, it will soon link tow areas of the property, the spectrum of lights makes for great eye candy and photo opportunities it really is a sign of bright things to come as mentioned by Martin Paz, RWM's Chief Integrated Marketing Officer.

For now, the other end of the walkway is still closed as it is targeted to be operational in the next six months, to give more slots to more well-renowned brands making the shopping experience more luxuriously fun.


  1. Lumina: Walkway of Lights at the Resorts World Manila, these lights are so amazing and appealing too. I must say I just loved every bit of it. Great Work!

  2. How much is the fee to visit lumina

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