Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gather at Home for the Holidays with UASHMAMA’s Distinctive Italian Style

Christmas table-setting incorporating the use of Uashmama paperbag.
Filipinos' tradition of coming together transcends all exterior expressions of the Christmas season.
Customary festive meals such as the Noche Buena and Media Noche are made meaningful by families and friends gathering together to partake of these feasts. It is a time when our people’s unparalleled hospitality can best be felt, not just by the food we serve, but also how the dining table looks when all of those holiday meals come to call.

Mothers Who Brunch and Uashmama ladies from L-R: Sabrina Go, Michelle Aventajado, Fides Ganzon-Ofrecio, Tina Ganzon-Ozaeta & Cheriza Manalang 
In an early Christmas gathering hosted by Mothers Who Brunch, guests were treated to a styling feast of beautiful Christmas tablescapes featuring UASHMAMA’s paper bags.

The Uashmama paper bag makes for a perfect centerpiece for the holidays.

A kitchen featuring the versatility of Uashmama paper bags – used as a planter,
a loaf box, and
 a container for fruits and vegetables 
Blogger moms, including me, and tastemakers were given ideas and inspiration to spruce up their home with table-setting as the highlight of the holidays.

UASHMAMA’s Home and Table collection, which includes placemats, bread bags, lamps, etc. are the perfect complement to these celebrations. Their intrinsic simplicity will balance the colorful and delectable dishes prepared for the season. The warmth of paper will add a sense of understated style to any setting. The fact that they are made of washable paper makes them the ideal companion for this buzzing season.

Make your holiday table sparkle by gifting yourself with the collection available at The Park in Edsa Shangri-la Plaza and online at

Uashmama’s washable paper bags in metallic colors available in 4 different sizes.
UASHMAMA is a family business which started out as a cottage industry selling traditional bread bags in Tuscany. It is an environmental-friendly brand that promotes the talents of local artisans and young artists in the community. It has a growing worldwide presence and is exclusively distributed by INEXPH in the Philippines.


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