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Your Local: Sadly, Not in my Locale

This local neighborhood foodie joint had been keeping a low profile since it opened.  But with the outpour of reviews, it didn't escape from the foodies' radar. It did give a ring to my ears and had it written down in my "Must-visit place" way back in 2014.

Until a couple of weeks ago, when I X-ed out this item in my Foodie Manila Bucket List. 

Yay! It thought they would close down before I could even write about it or even try out the dishes.

After missing out a month for my re-validation of entry back to Manila from my Italian summer tour, I was able to visit Italian Embassy and planned a tour down Esteban St. from Salcedo St.

I got all excited to walk, I didn't even mind the soft drizzle or rain shower. All I know is that I'm hungry and I don't mind spending, since leaving the house without being so guilty is an achievement reached for the week.  

My mind has been "Your Local" since the morning I got up and what to bring home to my kids after.

Well, you could consider that a high expectation!

As I reached Esteban St., the excitement grew wilder, I even got a little disoriented as I found it hard to see the entrance for reasons every Makati employee would understand.  First, there was a "hangry" crowd getting a little rowdy for their lunch at the "jolly jeep", just at the entrance of the building were Your Local is.

The door to the said resto is a tad obscure.  I was wary to enter, however, I did, and surprised that the diners settled in the inmost part of the resto.

I decided to be seated in that area too, but chose the bar, to see how well they will prepare my dish and some other dishes ordered. 

The resto in its wholeness is dim with the open kitchen shining so brightly, another factor why I sat on the bar is to get a good light for the food photog and coz I'm all by myself.

Let's talk about the interior first.

I love the industrial vibe happening and the subway tiles on the walls conjoined with the dark and heavy woods on some areas and on the floor.  There is a long tufted leatherette chair on one side of the resto, intermixed with stainless chairs (which I find vintag-y).  The dark-stained wood and steal tables are topped with candles and ceramic enameled mugs that carry the utensils, for that homey feel.

The staff, on the other hand, were courteous and quick to act.  

But what I was more fascinated at was the kitchen action.

Looks to me that the chefs and cooks know what they are doing and are having fun in the process. 

Now comes the menu...

It was all but simple, even the fonts aren't that stylish, but what is stylish and sexy are the dishes typed in some sort of recycled paper.

I only ordered two dishes, thinking my cash would not be enough (hoping deep inside that they accept credit card payments) seeing the dishes aren't priced as the price were a bit pricier than what I thought.

So, I ordered one appetizer and one main plus the usual bev, cold water without ice.

Had Semi-fried Eggplant first.  I love Mascarpone and seeing it used not as a dessert really flattered the true gourmand in me.

The black bowl above contained the best appetizer I had for this years.  At home, this could be "ulam" indulged with steamy white rice or even snack for me.

There are many elements in the dish that adds to differences in textures and flavors.  There are the fried mini eggplants, soft and tender-cooked topped with a dollop of mascarpone cheese, shallots and squid ink crumbs.  

I love the sauce that came with it, however, I didn't like that it was served like a puddle where the eggplants were ditched in, for me, it would have been better if the ponzu sauce, which was really powerful in taste, is served on the side or in fewer servings. 

Since I didn't have breakfast, and I consider this visit a brunch, I ordered Tofu Steak and Eggs.

Does it sound too healthy for you?  Well, it is healthy and yummy, oh and fancy-looking too, so this is a winner dish as well.

Hidden inside sliced big shitake mushrooms are oh so flavorful black rice, then topped with fried eggs and parmesan cheese. Finished off with grilled veggies, strewn all over.

After inhaling the mini eggplants, I slowly had my fork inspect the plate and one by one, I started munching on the crispy fried mushrooms alternating with the Parmigiano Reggiano until I made my way to the very aromatic and flavorful rice.

This plate is big and the serving of this dish is so huge, I ended up leaving the joint with a heavy stomach.

Your Local exceeded my expectation.  The 15-minute walk from  Italian Embassy down this alley was worth it, I only wish my stomach could still afford some more of their dishes plus unlike with the usual reports, having a seat even during lunch isn't a hassle anymore, but they still recommend for you to call for reservations.  Well, I didn't have that luxury but was glad to try to walk in.

Now, I couldn't wait to go back and try the much-raved-about Beef Rendang and the buns, plus some cocktails to go with them.  Paid a little over P 800 for my meal, which was okay, but I guess eating with a company could be the better option.

Too bad, I don't live near the area, as there are other restaurants nearby that I would want to visit as well.

Your Local

Address: Ground Floor, Universal LMS Building, 
               106 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village,
               Makati City

Your Local Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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