Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Father's Day Hoopla + Filipino Cuisine at Providore

I think, I did mention in one of my post that Providore is officially our family's favorite comfort food fix place!  With that said, it wasn't hard for me to pick a place on where to eat lunch on a Sunday.  But it's not just an ordinary Sunday, as it was a day to honor my husband (and other fathers), as 
the world have observed Father's Day.

I don't think I have to list out why we have to celebrate this day, it's going to be a long one, if I do. To sum it up, he deserves every honor and praise for being my kids' father, yes, he may not be "the perfect father" (as I couldn't be the perfect mom either), but he tries so hard to please me and my kids, to show he loves us.

Hence, Providore was "The place."  

Because, I know, Providore has a great menu of classic with a spin Filipino dishes and my husband love our own food.

Because, I know Providore serves healthy drinks such as what we had, Kombucha Lime Iced Tea
 (P 120).

Because from time to time, my kids would crave for soups on bread bowls, and this time, my son had doubled the fun with a soup and chili in one.  This bread bowl has Steakhouse Chili  (P 295).  They actually come in three variants aside form this you can also opt to have Bacon Clam Chowder and Seafood Cioppino.

Because my husband loves Filipino dishes but has high regard for flavor and  high-quality ingredients.

Steel Plate Cooked Garlic Butter "Salpicao" Steak is definitely not your average Salpicao.  For one it's U.S. grade beef sliced into bite-sized squares drenched in garlicky sauce with a hint of spice.

Since I came back from my vacation in Italy, I've had this hankering for Kare-Kare.

Because of that, I counted on Providore and they didn't disappoint!  Yay, they have it in their menu and it's one of the best I had.  It's the only one that probably uses the U.S. beef shortplate, together with tripe and oxtail.  I can't describe how I loved the sauce, complete with the delish bagoong and the chopped toasted nuts (my daughter swore they're cashew nuts).

Because they are also good in naming their dishes and well, our Sugarbabe just had her eyes on The "You're Gonna Need An Extra Rice" BBQ Plate.

A pork and chicken combo BBQ with a tangy twist to it. This is a huge serving, I'm just warning you!  And well, my daughter did had an extra rice (oh, their rice serving is also huge, super worth the money).

The family have been missing Laing a lot so we ordered Spicy Crab Laing and it was divine!
The way we love our laing, creamy, spicy, smoky and bursting with coconut creaminess.

After hearing about Simple Lang in Ayala Triangle closing, I instantly thought of it's Sinigang sa Watermelon (put sigh emoticon here now), but glad there's another Raintree top-notch Sinigang to try, Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang!

 Oh my gulay! This is love! Love at first higop.  Love at first bite with the soft and tender salmon bits, just pure love overflowing in this claypot of a dish.

So!  Remember, when in need of a place to have a festive meal of truly awesome Filipino dishes, head on at Providore, they'r just beside Starbucks and near the main entrance of SM Aura Premier.


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