Monday, July 11, 2016

Family Bonding Made More Fun in Pagudpud

My brother just came to visit us with his family from Milan early this month and as planned we all drove together up north with our family and one of his best friend and his family.

Traveling with family is priceless.  I did some travels without my family and though I couldn't say it wasn't spectacular but to say the least it wasn't as precious as traveling with my forever best friends 
and travel companions - my family.

Though, truth be told that it wasn't easy as traveling without them, as a mom, I make sure they are comfortable and travel is safe, and making all their needs met even though it meant carrying their essentials, acting as their photographer, stylist and acting as their all-time nanny.

Bhogs and I were just thankful that we were able to rent our Aunt and Uncle's van for the three days and two nights northern escapade.  So if you're interested to follow our leads then comment below so I can give you their contact numbers.

Our tour started on a very early 4 am pick up at McKinley Hill, Taguig marking our first destination at the north's surf station -La Union.  But we took an off road detour and found ourselves picking grapes at Bauang, La Union.  Hoping to get an hour of surfing practice, the kids somehow got a bit disappointed with the waves and the season.  So we just had our lunch at Sebay.

Check out our best of La Union travel at the link below.

The last point of our itinerary was at the town of Pagudpud.  This coastal resort town of Ilocos Norte is said to be landscaped with rolling green hills, cerulean blue waters and tourist gems that's meant to be discovered.  Once a sleepy town, Pagudpud is now a booming tourist destination and despite the 10 hour drive from Manila, travelers would come and get charmed by it's wonders.

It's easy to fall in love with Pagudpud, let me count the ways how like me, you can also fall in love with it.

Welcome Archway

Filipinos really take "selfie-ing" and "groufie-ing" to the next level.  They would even risk their lives taking their pictures in the middle of the road... #Buwisbuhayshot

My brother from Milan

Brgy. Pancian

The house where we stayed, a stone throw away from the beach

Patapat Viaduct

Probably the only viaduct I know in the country, this winding bridge is 1.3 km long and connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley Region.  With an elevation of 31 meters above sea level, this covers a commanding view of the Pasaleng Bay and the Cordillera Mountain ranges.

Pak! Ganern!  

Sharing you one of my best photos in the 4th longest bridge in the country.

With the crazy fambam...

Another crazy fambam (Milan-based)

Yes, we tried our best to have a jumpshot!  
But before that we made sure that no automobile passes by.

Dos Hermanos

Located at the northern section of the Blue Lagoon, Dos Hermanos Islands are two almost-identical rock formations.  Locals would say that when seen on top, they look like a pair of a woman's breast.

According to old folklore, these two islands were brothers who promised to stay together until their death and were later transformed to these islands to serve as an inspiration to others. Tourists can come in for a closer view via motorized boats where they are treated to a majestic work of nature, carved through time.

Do they look like "boobs" here?

Timmangtang Rock

Along the road leading to the famous blue lagoon and beach is the view deck for Bantay Abot Cave and Timangtang Rock.  

I think the powerful waves from the South China Sea have chiseled the beautiful rock formations strewn about in different areas in Pagudpud.

Aside from admiring it's simple structure, locals would suggest exploring the cave beneath the blue waters.

Bantay Abot Cave

A few trek to this cave can hamper your stress away.  This charming view is breath-taking specially when taken nearer.

Seen just beyond the view deck near Timangtang Rock.

Maira-ira or Blue Lagoon

I can't think of anything to ruin this scene from the coastal lagoon of Maira-ira.  As it's namesake, Blue Lagoon, the pristine aquamarine-colored water (sometimes turquoise blue) formed like a crescent as it meets the white-sand shore is what drives tourist in Pagudpud.

The long-stretch of beach has gathered a couple of beach bums strolling along several resorts in the area.

The cove looks like a perfect hide-away with the hills surrounding it and how it warmly greet the sometimes tranquil yet sometimes uncanny waves of the sea.

Hanna's Beach Resort

Do come back as I write about Hannah's Resort next and our Northern Family Exploration.


  1. These pictures are so nice! Looks like a lovely place!


    Tamara -

  2. Sexy!!! Traveling with family is always the best!

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