Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Makings of a Memorable Filipino Fusion Dinner at Neils Kitchen

There goes a saying that "Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends."

It may be about the ambiance, the cuisine served on certain restaurant but mostly it's all about the company you share your meal with.  Thus, when my friend Julie and I got together at the Tom's #OneDayWithoutShoes event, I made sure to share a restaurant worthy of the celebration of our friendship.

Situated at the second floor (but with the entrance behind one restaurant building at the Westgate Alabang.

Finding the entrance was a challenge, as if you are finding a hidden jewel and you just can't wait to see it.

Upon entrance a wall will welcome and leads you to the stairs up to the restaurant proper.

The homey ambiance will make you feel comfortable.

I love this black-yellow mono-chromatic theme on a classic white wall and backdrop.

The quotes and wall-writings sends off a message of how passionate the owners are about food and eating. 

Now you know where we are!

A true gem in the south.

Love these re-purposed mason jar chandelier, which adds drama to the farcical vibe the resto tries to deliver.

As I've read in previous blogs about the resto, they offer inventive Filipino dishes inspired from the classic ones many of us grew from.

Have you had the best version of Chicken Barbeque yet?  If you have, make sure to add this - Boneless Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice (PhP 395).  If you haven't yet, then make sure to try this.

If the boneless term didn't turn you on, well maybe the glazing would.  With the taste of honey, muscovado and perhaps some citrus, and a dash of some secret seasonings make this a true delight to barbecue fans.

Merited with an equally flavorful java rice (a bit overwhelming though), gravy sauce and Macaroni Salad made this a complete meal, not only for one person but for another one.  The serving is hefty and you'll definitely order more rice together with this plate.

As an adventurous diner, I make sure to find a hidden gem in the menu too.

And yup!  I did find one.  (Best for Mom-vamps and Mom-bies like me).

Grilled Chicken & Crispy Pork Dinuguan Fondue with rice (or puto) (Php 395).

This multi-faceted meal is served on a wooden board consisted of a bowl of mixed deep-fried to crunch pork meat and grilled chicken and a bowl of pork blood stew also known as Dinuguan, topped with mayonnaise,

The menu called for puto (rice cake) together with the batch, but we opted to get steamed rice instead. The idea of serving it this way is to dip or dunk the puto and the meat into the dinuguan like a fondue.

I love, love the dinuguan sauce, though I also love the way Everybody's Cafe would traditionally serve it.  Either ways, I like that this dinuguan does not have that fowl smell as you would oftentimes get in some restos or carinderia that would sell this.  The tangy and salty plus the texture goes to say that this exotic dish should be tried by nonetheless than Anthony Bourdain himself.

Dessert was equally amazing with it redefining and leveling up our all-time Pinoy snack, Suman.

 The Fried Suman with Mangga and Choconut (Php 250) is a bit cloying but really cleanses the after-taste from the different meats and sauces we had.

My photo didn't do much justice to the true beauty of this dessert.  It's layers upon layers of Pinoy sweet faves.  From the bottom is the suman, and on it is a huge slab of mango flavored gelo-like pudding and drizzled all over with pulverized choc nut.  On the side is a bottle of sweetened cream which is meant to be drizzled on it. 

With the talk about out Tom's experience, about the 2016 election results and more about our families, the dinner was fun and filling.  All these made our three tummies full.  I can't wait to come back and try out other fusion dishes.


Address:  Westgate Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

Neil's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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