Thursday, April 14, 2016

Snippets of Palarong Pambansa 2016 and the Things We can Learn from it

I've been following the yearly updates of Palarong Pambansa ever since I've started with my other
blog in Wordpress (my lifestyle and parenting blog).  It took me more than a year since then to fully realize it's cause.  Don't get me wrong, I do believe in sports, and I encourage my kids to be involved in sports.

However, I never pushed my kids hard enough for them to make it to District eliminations.  It's not easy rearing four children, each having their own unique interests, let alone tag along them in practices and school meets you know (who's complaining, I did want to be a stage mom, but...).  So I give props to parents who have supported and are supporting their kids be good in sports.  They deserve to give proper recognition too.

With the long years of covering and following updates of Palarong Pambansa,  I have gained to love the event more, plus the perks of visiting different regions of the Philippines and getting to know the cultures of the locals.  From a mom's perspective, here are some life lessons and values we can all learn from it.


In sports, athletes need to be disciplined in the technical, tactical, mental, and physical as well as lifestyle areas of development.

Johnny Lewis once said, “Be 100 percent disciplined and you have a good chance of success; without it, you will never reach great heights whether in business or sport.” He was right as discipline – the ability for an individual to have self-restraint and to behave and practice in a strict, controlled manner is key in sports.

Here is a video from a coach of NIR Volleyball team, also a mom to one of their players.

TEAMwork really Works!

When I was still teaching, I remember talking about the meaning of team to my students using this

T – Together
E – Everyone
A – Achieves
M – More

It may sound 80's but it couldn’t be more true.

Like what the other NIR volleyball coach suggested, in group games, the key in winning is Teamwork!  A team will always be more successful if everyone’s on the same page and the players are all focused on achieving the same goal.

Players will learn that their best chance of success will be through cooperation with their teammates and that this is the same on the court, in the classroom, or professionally.  They’ll also gain social skills by interacting with and meeting new people with similar interests which will carry-over into all of their relationships.

They’ll learn how to deal with conflicts between teammates, how to interact with a number of different personality types, and even how to get along with people they don’t like.

**credits to FPJ of for the video

Setting and Achieving Goals

It was such a pleasure meeting the DepEd officials behind the success of Dumaguete Palarong Pambansa which was held last 2013. as they have set a benchmark for the successive Palaro events and the future events.

NIR RD Gilbert Sadsad, Adolf Aguilar, ARD Jimenez
They were only given the lowest recorded budget of all time, P35 M, but they were able to make it the best Palaro ever where DepEd haddled.  Though some may contest that last year's at Tagum City was the grandest, they have to admit that it all DepEd as Davao LGU's have to handle it.
According to Sir Adolf Aguilar, Education Program Supervisor, when they signed the MOA for the 2013 Palarong Pambansa, they have set their goals and vision for a great event.  They wanted to give everyone the best, they've got and they magnified that vision to all Dumaguete locals  and officials involved in the event.

Now that Negros Oriental (where Dumaguete lies) and Negros Occidental had been one region,  by virtue of Executive Order No. 183 issued by President Benigno Aquino III on May 29, 2015, they'll prove that they have set their goals to win medals, playing as one region for the first time.
Also, they have made a statement that they will bid for the 2017 Palarong Pambansa as one united Negros and indeed they have set their hearts and minds to it and they intend to better the Palarong Pambansa 2013.  This was according to NIR RD Gilbert Sadsad.

I’m a big believer in goal-setting in all aspects of life. Everyone should do it.

Youth sports is a great place to learn how to set goals and determine how to achieve them with no repercussions if they fall short or fail.

No pain, no gain.  

It never fails to amaze me to see injured athletes under the first aid tents situated around the Palaro events.  Seeing injured yet determined athletes in that situation, sweating and being attended at, in rarest times crying in pain, makes me cringe as well, as if feeling their pain, hoping that none of their parents were around to see them.  But all sports in a way may possibly hurt them, in training and even as they play their games.

Above is the photo of Mia Meagey NiƱura, of Digos City and first gold medalist of Palarong Pambansa 2016.  She won here in this heat of 800 meter dash for secondary level, finished first way ahead but seen walking with legs twitched.  It seemed she had a cramp and found it hard to walk after.  However, she even managed to win GOLD in the 3000 m run within 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

How to be a Follower

Just as it’s important to learn how to be a good leader, it’s also incredibly important that players learn how to be lead by others.

Having a coach is in a lot of ways similar to having a boss. As an authority figure, the coach is said to be the one giving instruction, praise, and criticism to the player or team.

By experiencing how to follow, players will learn how to take instructions, how to respectfully question authority, and even patience if they disagree, this also includes following given rules and regulations in the game field.

This will give them plenty of lessons as to how they want to lead in the future, and hopefully that goes for all of us too, so let's get inspirations from them.

Above are the track and field students being prepared for the next set of runs.

Run, run, run...

Life can be tough but we can still reach our dreams

Like most of the many athletes who came from rural areas, John Mark Aggravante dreams to have a better future.  Living with four siblings and with a father who works as a driver, he knows that opportunities will come and he can still be a policeman in the future.  This wrestler in Grade 10 dreams to study Criminology, but admitted that he might not be able to since they might not be able to pay for it.

He didn't win any medals this year(but ranked 4th over all) but hopes to do better next year, for two more years, thanks to K to 12.  He was so happy to have been offered with a slot in the wrestling team, even though he knows that training is painstakingly hard plus he needed to do good in school as well.  According to him, though he loves wresting as his sports, education is still his priority.

He will take welding as his course in Grade 11, btw.

Disabilities Aren't Walls, They are Bridges

You may not know that Palarong Pambansa has athletes with special needs.  Some are handicapped, whilst others have mental disabilities.  The thing that struck me the most was their determination and passion in attaining their goal.

You'll be surprised as to the kind of inspiration worth treasuring you'd get from athletes such as MC Merril John Derrama  and Edmi M. Baro, both from Negros Island Region.

Merril has mental disability who dreams to be a trainor or coach in the future. This  guy who is extremely shy but smiles a lot won Gold for two track events, 100 and 200 M Run (special athletics).

Edmi, on the other hand, an orthopedically handicapped elementary student who bagged gold for shot put special event, proved that being handicapped isn't an excuse not to win gold.

To him, seeing other athletes in complete form is not discouraging, in fact, it pushed him more to attain what he's aiming for.  Even hardship from living far from school is not deterrent for him to continue schooling and training.  With the money that he got for winning gold he would be going home with a newly-bought wristwatch to give to his mother.

So, if you think your situation in life fails to bring you hope, you may want to think again.  Follow the lives of our student athletes and you'll discover that there's more to life, only if you dare build on their values.

Kudos to Palarong Pambansa!


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