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A New and Exciting Way to Book a Hotel Room Online and on Smartphone

Have you ever experienced being stuck in a city not knowing whether you're going to have a good night sleep after either a good flight or the worst flight? Or how about having to waste all your time on a city pressed with a heavy traffic while longing to lie in a warm comfortable bed? Traveling indeed is undeniably exhilarating, but let's face it there are certain issues that also arises which may dampen all the fun.

Case in point, our family loves discovering new places and with it comes a number of fiascos along the road, one of which is not being able to manage hotel bookings accordingly.  As a mom who travels with kids, my top must-have on the list is  an "OC-clean" room.  Getting a good room for my family have been a constant hit and miss and often I would resort to booking at expensive hotels just not get disappointed.  I'm also a frugal mom, so, excuse me for being one, so a good deal, preferably discounted rooms comes on my list.

Those are for planned tours.  If you have been a regular follower (Oh hello there my relatives!) you may have noticed a couple of our spur of the moment getaway, that's why our family car's gas tank is always kept full.  Most of the problems we encounter happens at these kinds of trips.

I remembered one classic example was walking inside a BnB one night, after going around the town to look for a hotel.  I missed checking online about the BnB's feature so I just relied on my instincts, after all, the kids were just ready to sleep over in the car.  The lobby was nice and looked like it just had an ultimate makeover with all it's new modish lounge chairs and intricate wall decor.  Good that they have two rooms available for all six of us, two of whom were just 10 years old and below.

All of us struggled to be make it to the second floor, exhausted, we didn't mind finding our rooms situated end to end. Odd that there was a comfort room tucked in between the rooms. There were four more doors on that floor and it was well lit with a gorgeous lighting fixture.  It was a shock to all of us then when we opened the guest room assigned to us, it was gloomy, with really old tiled floors, colored bedding and heavy stinky curtains covering a large window, plus we have to deal with a leaking AC. Though my teen kids' room looked more comfortable with newly painted walls, a vintage lamp, the same colored bedding and a working AC that sounds a bit bad, well at least it wasn't leaking.

If only there was something that could have aided me in deciding or finding a better hotel, we could have been snugged like a bug and had something good to write about the hotel.

Well, guess what?  We can all breathe easy and rely on SOUTHEAST ASIA’S FIRST VIRTUAL HOTEL OPERATOR (“VHO”) suitably named as NIDA ROOMS.  It's the first and only Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) in the Philippines and currently has over 50 partner hotels nationwide. Through its direct sales force of over 150 relationship managers and daily increasing hotel sign-ups, Nida Rooms expects to reach over 1,500 partner hotels in the Philippines by 2Q 2016 giving it majority market share in the mid and economy hotel market segments in the country.

From the most asked question by hoteliers and accommodation service providers -"Need a room?" , the brand name NID-A ROOM was birthed.  However, NIDA ROOMS aren't just hotel rooms. Their philosophy is to provide QUALITY, LOW-COST ACCOMMODATION throughout multiple countries in South East Asia, supported by partnerships with a multitude of excellent THREE STAR HOTELS AND BELOW.

In two months time, Global Rooms Limited was able to launch it in two countries already and they are targeting to launch here in the Philippines on mid-January in the coming year, 2016.  By then the mobile and online application will be readily available to smart phone users powered by Android and on any gadgets online.  So where ever you are, as long as you can connect to a wifi, you are guaranteed to have a NIDA room.

Why nabbing a NIDA Room can be the best deal ever for travelers:
  • Nida Rooms’ mobile application (“mobile app”) allows customers to instantly see thousands of affordable hotel rooms at their preferred locations in major Philippine cities.  I must admit, in the long years of our travel and getting accommodated never before have I had such access to hotel inventory, pricing and location in one screen view on online, more so on my smartphone. I'm sure many would agree.
  • The Nida Rooms mobile app gives customers the lowest pricing, away to get the buzz moving and getting more customers know about the hotel. 
  • Easily access location information in one simple screen view supported by a map. The flags are clickable to easily see hotel info and decisions on where to book are made faster.
  •  Crisp, clear photos aid in featuring the partner hotel needed to check, thus unprecedented combination of access to hotel inventory.
  • Nida Rooms’partner hotels in the Philippines are now able to sell their rooms through a new “smartphone” mobile app distribution channel that is non-competitive with their traditional online travel agents (“OTAs”) or their walk-in customer business.
  • Smaller boutique or economy hotels with no web presence nor relationship with OTAs are instantly able to access the smartphone consumer by joining the Nida Rooms network.
  • By pre-vetting hotels and working closely with hotel managers, Nida Rooms focuses on providing consistent, essential services for its customers in-line with its aim to provide “A Good Night. Every Night.”
  • Asia’s hospitality industry, specifically Philippines receives a boost today as Global Rooms Limited introduces Nida Rooms.  Customers can book their rooms anytime, anywhere through Nida Rooms’ mobile application that can be downloaded now from Google Play Store while the mobile application for the Apple Store will be available shortly.
  • To be able to monitor consistency in the service, guests can rate or review first hand the partner hotels on the app itself. 
  • First and foremost thinking of the travelers' needs, Nida Rooms bookers are provided with their own hygiene kit which they can take home.

Behind the App

Global Rooms Limited, the company that created the brand, was founded by Kaneswaran Avili, a Malaysian entrepreneur who was formerly a senior executive at Asia’s leading low cost carriers, Air Asia, Tiger Air and Spice Jet, and Dennis Melka, a Czech venture capitalist.

Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer, Kaneswaran Avili, said “The Nida Rooms idea was conceived because it was difficult for me to find a hotel chain that offers consistent essential services at my preferred locations in Southeast Asia at the best prices. Nida Rooms is a one-stop smartphone platform that offers travellers the maximum choice of hotels at the right locations, at the lowest prices on their smartphones with instant booking capability.” To add to that, at this initial stage, Nida Rooms will be prioritizing hotels that are in the mid and economy range but are strategically located.

I certainly agree with NIDA ROOMS PHILIPPINES’ Country Manager, Malou Pangilinan when she stressed out that SMEs will benefit a lot from the NIDA ROOMS business concept of providing convenient, consistent, comfortable, and affordable hotel experience for business travelers as well as local tourist in many locations nationwide. "We have done the homework for our guests in that, we have pre-qualified and selected our hotel partners based on stringent quality standards that Nida Rooms upholds. We will have NIDA ROOMS everywhere you want to go in the Philippines."

Carrying the tag line “A Good Night, Every Night,”  Global Rooms Limited aims to give their guests to truly experience the aforementioned phrase.  To create a vast opportunity for 3-star hotel owners and operators to market and sell their rooms via the state of the art app. is a good upper don't you think?

With the app to be available for download on Google Play and subsequently, the IOS. Partnership with NIDA ROOMS gives our hotel partners worldwide exposure and global reach. Without any additional investment on their part, they are able to connect them to their target customers instantly and effortlessly as they were able to network with hotels in the Philippines which is steadily growing. By the end of the first quarter of 2016, NIDA ROOMS will be available in most major cities in the country offering travelers consistent essential services anywhere, anytime.

Commented Dennis Melka, Global Rooms Limited’s Chairman, “After today, Nida Rooms now has an insurmountable first mover advantage and is working closely with its partner hotels across Southeast Asia to ensure an excellent customer experience. Our team is the first in the world to take this particular internet aggregator model for the hotel industry internationally and by next month we will be the dominant player across Southeast Asia, a market of over 550m consumers. We’ve been overwhelmed by institutional investor interest to further scale our footprint globally in countries with low branded penetration in the mid to economy hotel sector.”

As far as I'm concerned, I'll be using this app more often, and I can't wait to get my fingers working on it, as much as I'm excited to try more inexpensive staycations.  So do catch on more dibs as I tell you more stories about this in the future.

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