Saturday, October 10, 2015

555 Fried ng Barangay Cooking Showdown

Have you seen the newest 555 Sardines commercial? Glad to see Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub as their newest endorser singing to the tune of Sana dalawa ang Puso ko.  On another news...

Make your Barangay Proud, something 555 Fried Sardines would want to highlight in chosen Barangays from Pampanga, Pangasinan and Quezon as they go about the Barangay Cooking showdown. 

In each leg of the showdown, participants featured their recipes using 555 Fried Sardines as main ingredient to win. 

As Filipinos, we cook from the heart and have been known for it and this is so evident every time  we share meals with our family and friends.  555 Fried Sardines pay homage to this value thus they have come up with Fried ng Barangay - a Cooking Showdown organized by Century Pacific Food Inc. and 88ville Productions. 

Using 555 Fried sardines variants such as Tausi, Hot and Spicy, Bistek, and Escabeche, participants were encouraged to come up with dishes that are not just nutritional but delicious as well. 
To further engage the whole Barangay, samples of the product were tasted as they enjoyed the event
through various games and raffles.

From the hundreds of entries submitted, Top 10 entries were chosen to participate in the actual demo
which was furthered down to the Top 5 per Town who received the honors.

 Inspiration is the key

As a homecook myself, I believe in this culture that was instilled to us since we are kids and I'm glad this contest have shown this and are so evident among those who participated.  Hoever, there are those who have shone the most and topped the others. 

Ms. Elsa Dela Cruz, Grand Winner from Brgy. Buenlag, Calasiao Pangasinan took influence from Filipinos’s love for noodles, thus her winning entry Egg noodles with 555Fried Sardines

While Mr. Larry Quinto, Grand winner from Brgy. Sindalan, San Fernando City enthuses that he draws his inspiration in creating his winning entry- 555 Fried Sardines Lumpiang Sariwa from his family. Serving healthy food to his loved ones is his top most priority.

 Maricel Quezada took the top place for the Quezon leg with Veggie Spicy Cordon Bleau Sardines drawn from her family’s love for vegetables.

 555 Fried ng Barangay Cooking Showdown plans to visit other towns in the months to come.

 Feel free to come up with your own sardine recipes and make your own creative fusion using 555 Fried sardines and who knows your recipe might be the next highlight.

 Facts about Sardines

Sardines may have been relegated as poor man’s staple as poverty rate rises in the Metro, but did you know that sardines can actually sustain every man’s vitamins and mineral requirements? 

Sardines supports your cardiovascular health as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which

have been researched to lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Moreover, sardines also contains

Vitamin B12 which can prevent hardening of arteries.

Sardines contains high level of Vitamin D that is optimal in bone building. Vitamin D helps in absorption of Calcium hence it plays an essential part in your bone health. Sardines also contains phosphorus, a mineral that is important in strengthening your bone matrix.

 Sardines are also rich in Protein which is the basis of muscles and connective tissues. Protein provides us with Amino Acids that acts as antibodies that keep our immune system strong.

555 Fried sardines are available in supermarkets and Sari-Sari stores near you.

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