Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wicked by Cravings + Life Lessons In Controlling Sweet Cravings

Wicked is an adjective which means evil, sinful, immoral, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, bad, iniquitous, corrupt, base, mean, vile; villainous, nefarious, erring, foul, monstrous, shocking, outrageous, atrocious, abominable, depraved, reprehensible, hateful, detestable, despicable,
 odious, contemptible, horrible, heinous, egregious, execrable, fiendish, vicious,
 murderous, black-hearted, barbarous; criminal, illicit, unlawful, illegal, lawless,
 felonious, dishonest, unscrupulous; malfeasant; crooked; dated dastardly, 
intended to or capable of harming someone or something. 
extremely unpleasant. nasty, harsh, formidable, unpleasant,
 foul, bad, disagreeable, irksome, troublesome, displeasing, 
uncomfortable, annoying, irritating, hateful, detestable, 

All of the words above are negative connotation of the word wicked.

However, after visiting Edsa Shangri La mall a couple of months ago, wicked was given a whole new meaning, something positive.  

We actually found this cute cafe while window shopping.  It was my daughter who found and was actually captured by how the place was designed.

The lamps are so adorbs.  They are probably customized inspired from baking whisks and painted red.  

This is how we define wicked differently...

 playfully mischievous. playful, naughty, impish, roguish, arch, puckish, cheeky
excellent; wonderful.

Me and my daughter Dana, who is diabetic, btw, totally was in awe of the place, not only was the chocolate aroma wafted inside and outside the store, their glass encased showcase is filled with all wickedly insane chocolatey and sugary creations.

The crazy mix of red, citrus and of course brown in the interior design was enticing, makes you think of only one word, dessert!

It was hard to for me to decide which one to get.  Firstly, I'm caught on this dilemma - get a chocolaty sugar-free treat  for my daughter Dana and making sure she would enjoy it.  Secondly, There is a miscellany of pastries and chocolate all whispering their names to me.  

Guilt-free Chocolate Cake is their sugar-free flourless chocolate cake!  Hurray!  The silky smooth texture of the cake was a simple gift from the baker while the chocolaty goodness you get from every fork-bite with a mix of bittersweet and milky chocolate, is just a piece of heaven on earth, on Shangri La Mall Eastwing for that matter.  

How did I know well, my goody goody daughter know she couldn't have too much so she gave me 1/4 of it.  And yes, I'm one happy mom, who made a girl truly happy this day.

If you are on a look out for this kind of cakes, do check out My Pink Wasabi's Flourless Chocolate Cake. 

Chocolate Earl Grey Macaron de Paris for me.  

I really wished I ordered more varieties and try some chocolate barks, but I needed to show my daughter the value of control-controlling oneself to get something that could be sinful and addicting.  Cause well, I couldn't argue anymore if someone could have been addicted to this place, I myself I have been a chocolate addict and I have sobered up.

As always cappuccino for me without sugar.  Cause I just value the importance of following kitchen rules and this isn't an exception.

So you see, even though our family is faced in this kind of condition, we can still enjoy like other people who doesn't concern themselves with monitoring blood sugar levels or getting insulin shots just to make it through every meal.

After this wonderful afternoon, we didn't hail a cab, instead we walked towards MRT and rode in it home and walked with her more.  Just to compromise with some of the sugar she had from what we had for afternoon snack.

Can't wait to come back here and try out more of their menu and maybe, just maybe they could add more sugar-free pastries


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