Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Culture and Flavors Melded as Resort World Manila Brings New York Pinoy Deli

And the bread is broken!  

What a way to launch a new concept restaurant at the heart of Manila's crowning entertaining center, Resort's World Manila.  This food fanatic is right at home in New York Pinoy Deli - the restaurant in town that never sleeps.  

I've always thought of New Yorkers to be especially lucky in the international flavor of the Empire City.  Dozens and dozens of Italian restaurants, some as good as those in Rome or Florence, dozens of Chinese and French, as well.  A hungry person can sample every ethnicity from Afghan to Vietnamese as well as exotic combinations like Cuban-Chinese.  Of course there are all the Americans, South, Central, Standard, and nouvelle. 

I guess the Big Apple offers maybe too many possibilities for the socially overstimulated, gastronomically overindulged restaurant addicts of the state.  However, many may agree with me, when I say our country is following suit.   After all, we are not named an Adobo Nation for nothing. So for those longing for that New York indulgence, those who have been there, lived there, or in one way or another have been enamored by the gastronomy that is NY, here is a wonderful surprise.

Resorts World Manila made it possible to bring the big city gourmet here in the country with the unique Filipino twist nonetheless.  NYPD have taken over the place of Mercado, the buffet at the ground floor area of the casino, giving the space a radical change with posh yet comfy interiors.  

Will be telling you more about the interiors and the menu offerings after I've tried this on my own.

According to Chef Chubby (Chef de Cuisine), some of the dishes they have in the former restau were still in the menu, both ala carte and buffet.  "There might be Mercado regulars who might look for some of the dishes."  The menu is not straight-forward but were given conscious effort and rigorous test-kitchens in designing the menu. However, there are certain classic dishes that have to be done as it is, one of which is the Reuben Sandwich.

RWM Chief Hotel Operations Officer Scott Sibley and Senior F and B Director Hubertus Cramer
The wide food offerings served at NYPD is the product of an equally diverse team of culinary geniuses which includes Scott Sibley, Hubertus Cramer, Director for Culinary Arts Cyrelle Soenen, Pastry Chef Michael Lopez and the man in charge of the NYPD kitchen, Chef de Cuisine Angelo "Chubby" Timban.

At the palatial launch party of NYPD we were given a  glimpse of New York's ostentatious vibe and the first taste of both familiar and fusion dishes given flare.

Itching to try them out?

There are six signature dishes NYPD had put the spotlight on, which are said to be all-time Filipino favorites and East Coast-Filipino fusion.  Some of the classics are The Rainbow Room Monte Cristo (ham, turkey, and Camembert cheese on loaf bread), the 5th Avenue Fresh Roast Turkey Sandwich and the Reuben Sandwich which was allegedly invented in NY.

For the win, Chicken Adobo at it's best is also given quite a spot, together with the unusual Tinapa Spaghetti and something to dip your finest forks with, the Laing Lasagna.  Were you surprised with some of the selections?  There are actually more dishes given Filipino spins which mostly came from Chef Chubby's own roster of recipes.

You would ask, why the merging of East and Asian cuisines.  First of all, they do cater to all walks of humanity, especially those who are clients of the casino.  Secondly, the head of Food and Beverage committee had chosen to live his bountiful life here in Manila and married a Filipina.  According to Hubertus, he chose this country not only for the food he have grown to love but for the passion of the people he had worked here with. The kindness, respectfulness and some other Pinoy values that are inate to us are enough for him to make Philippines his home, thus investing his skills, professionalism and even money to the country is just his way of paying back.


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