Wednesday, August 26, 2015


If you are a huge food fanatic as I am, you probably love to get gifts that complement this hobby of yours. Or maybe you have a friend that proudly calls himself a foodie. No matter what, you still can use these few gift ideas for people who love to cook. So read it and get inspired to make a little precious memory for your friend right away at any occasion!

A pot of herbs
All food lovers would really appreciate some nice and natural herbs that can grow again and again for a whole year. So buy a nice pot or a few with some rare or super useful herbs in it and let the foodie grow his own ingredients. It will definitely show your love to that person and let cooking be more special. You can even accessorize the pot in some fun way or just decorate it with some quotes or pictures. Imagination has no limits here.

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DIY kits
Another cute gift for all food fanatics can be various DIY kits. From making their own butter, to bread, everything goes if it is about food. Buy a big jar and fill it with all ingredients necessary for that meal and put a receipt in it. This way that person can not only get another chance to cook, but also learn new recipes too! So it is a win-win in many ways.

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A cook book
If you want to inspire your cooking friend, you can gift a unique and super informative cooking book. Of course, that friend can have thousands of cooking books, but you can make it much special if that book is rare or really old. You can find a lot of such books at Abebooks. There are a huge amount of super rare, unique and used books that can be an excellent gift for any food lover. Especially if he or she loves to read too. And you know what? Right now you can afford it all much cheaper! Look for the best Abebooks coupon from Chameleon John and start shopping for books not only for a gift but for yourself too. Make that simple cookbook a unique gift and make your friend much happier!

Fine ingredients
Such food products like cheese, also beverages like wine, only gets better with time. So you can find some really old, almost collectable, products and gift it to your friend. It can even be a nice set too! For instance, if you buy some old and delicious wine, you can add two huge wine glasses to it and so on. Of course, this type of gift can be pretty expensive because these products tend to be rare and hard to find. But if you really love that foodie, you can definitely pamper him or her with such amazing gift!

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Finally, to make a more relaxed and funnier gift, you can gift some hilarious clothing too! Look for some cute and nicely printed aprons, oven mittens, or just simple t-shirts with a fun quote on it. You friend can not only use a new pair of oven mitten or aprons (which tend to get dirty quickly) but also can show their amazing hobbies then going out! Just get inspired and look for a fun way how your friend can express his love of cooking.
Happy shopping and giving!


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