Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Inspirational: Failing can be your Strength to Move on

Failure can be an option, but sometimes it’s inevitable
I failed to be who I dreamed to be when I was a child.
I failed as sister,
          I was not 100 % percent helpful  to my siblings when they were on the planning stage of their   career, 
I failed as a daughter,
           I didn’t live up to my parent’s expectations,
           I married and had babies
I failed as a friend,
           One by one, after years of building up good friendships, I lost them thru time and busy parenting
I failed as a teacher,
           I tried my very best to be like or even surpass my favorite teachers,
          But I never really pursued teaching as a profession.
I failed as a wife,
           A huge chunk of my married life weren’t satisfactorily met
           I lost the love of my husband, the love that has grown and tied us together,  what I thought to be genuine and filling became a rough reality
I failed as a mother,
            I love all my four children to my first and last breath,
            I wished I could really teach them how to properly obey and be more loving and caring
             Even to the verge of deeming most of their whims.

There are many fears, failures, defeats, and disappointments in life. None of us can escape them. But these real-life examples of my fails should help us understand that, in the face of such difficulties, we should not feel sorry for ourselves and give up, but, instead, should dig our heels in and keep trying.

For a while there I thought that I had failed because I chose to care for my loved ones. It ultimately cost me bright future even now, I endeavor to regain my lifestyle and security for my future, as I was left with virtually nothing throughout those years.

But I wouldn't have changed a thing...I share a quality of love that is irreplaceable... It showed me a level of love that few of us experience as we explore our life pursuits. My question is, "How do we define success?" Is it through 'achieving great things,' or is it through greatness in character? I think you're right...every person makes mistakes...not failures...getting back in the game is the only thing to do

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