Tuesday, June 2, 2015

HSMA's Virtus Awards Launched to Honor Stalwarts in the Hotel Industry's Sales and Marketing

HSMA President, Margie Munsayac delivering a speech

As I was reading up on hotel marketing, the term disruptive business model popped up.  I'm not an expert when it comes to marketing and selling hotel services, nor have I ever thought of venturing into one, but since I'm in the unstoppable cirque that is social media, I have come to be in the know of what to expect when you are being sold or offered such services and accommodations.

In a highly saturated industry like hotels, the need to outperform and be competitive in the market, you need a disruptive business model which is said to deliver a level competition that is sustainable and will never lead them to compete over consumer segments in a downward revenue spiral. Disruptive may mean innovation, displacing, with new values, revolutionary, transformational, refining, optimizing, re-engineering.  Tough words!  But I'm sure it matters to hoteliers. 

However, as a consumer, I'm into unique and personal experiences with hotels and resorts.  I do value variety and individuality but I'm also cost-conscious.  Because I pay for what I (or my family) need, I don't like to be charged for extras I never use.  In essence it all comes down to a few simple issues -consumers wants and needs according to their individuality, the thing they value most and the cost of the service.

With all these in mind, I wonder how flexible the hotel industry is in this area (with this issues) while trying to be the leading hotel in their destination.

This brings me to my blog topic, the recent launch of Virtus Awards 2015, organized by Hotel Sales and Marketing Association ( HSMA) and Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.  

Last May 28, I was honored to witness the unveiling of this esteemed nomination system where the awards laud excellence in the three individual sales and marketing categories - Associate, Manager, Leader.  This covers positions in room sales, events management, catering, reservation, public relations and communication, and revenue management.   This multi-category initiative will recognize as well a Marketing Campaign of the Year, built around a single, unified theme, using at least two different types of media.

I'm so happy to see and meet my HS classmate, Claire Delarmente, who happens to be in the hotel industry as well.  She even graced us with her beautiful voice as she sang a duet with a colleague for the invocation.   
Ms. Aina of Costa Pacifica, Claire Delarmente of Diamond Hotel and Me

Lunch was equally delightful with my media friends together with TPB officers, General Managers and Director of Sales and Marketing of member hotel and resort properties.

HSMA have been around for 38 years, with 60 hotel and resort properties members that's nationwide. Committed to growing businesses for their members, HSMA has been fueling sales, inspiring marketing, and optimizing revenue, while championing in training and developing sales and marketing professionals through workshop, seminars, and conferences with focus on selling skills, marketing trends, creativity, communication, change management, current events, economy, and travel forecasts. 

As the President of HSMA, Margie Munsayac declared, “We are excited to present the Virtus Awards, which we envisage to transform the mindset of sales and marketing professionals in our industry and set the tone for excellence.  It brings to focus the key role they play in the  in the country’s travel and tourism industry as they drive the bottom line value of their hotel properties and maximize return on investment.”

Rose Libongo, Overall Chair for the Virtus Awards, adds “The Virtus Awards comes at a most opportunity time.  With the establishment of the ASEAN Community by 2015, the prioritization of the country’s travel and tourism industry opens  uniques windows of opportunity for local stakeholders to benefit from, as well as to cope with the challenges of regional integration”.  The ASEAN tourism market expanding steadily over the years, reaching 94 million in 2013, with more ASEAN nationals travelling around ASEAN countries.  “The Virtus Awards aims to position Filipino sales and marketing professionals well in a wider marketplace as more properties open in the region and particularly in the Philippines”, according to Libongco.

TPB COO Domingo Ramon Enerio III seated at the middle with HSMA leaders and movers

Members of HSMA who have demonstrated outstanding performance in sales and marketing during the period 01 January 2014 until 31 December 2014 will be eligible for entry in the 2015 competition. All entries must be submitted online.

For the Marketing Campaign category, the entry must include a Statement of Communication that will encapsulate a brief background of the campaign, marketing objectives, target market, planning and implementation, results, and budget/return on investment. In an effort to ensure impartiality on the part of the judges, the name of the property must not be mentioned within the statement. Supporting materials can be uploaded in a variety of electronic formats. Please review file format and size requirements to avoid entry problems.

Deadline of entries is on September 15.  Stalwarts of the travel and tourism industry, members of the academe and thought leaders in the fields of advertising, public relations, media and digital marketing comprise the panel of judges.  Judging of shortlisted entries is set on October 15.

“The black-tie gala dinner on November 27, is  a pinnacle celebration of this year’s first set of winners, expected to attract nearly 500 key influencers in the tourism and travel industry”, states Ms. Libongco.

For more info on the 2015 Virtus Awards you may want to visit www.hsmaph.com.

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