Monday, June 23, 2014

Mad for Pizza, Toppings All You Want!

Without question, my family is definitely mad for pizza, as if it's meant  to be devoured.  My kids think of it as the greatest invention in the history of mankind, hmmm I guess next to computers.  Whoever have invented it must have been really friends with the food God.  On the contrary, I somehow see it as a work of art and a feast in itself.  No matter what shape it may take up, it still look and smell incredibly delish.
So, when an invitation landed on my inbox to try a newly opened pizza joint and restaurant, I could not say no, even if I have a scheduled engagement on the same date.

I’m an emotional eater. If something’s worth celebrating, we’re going to grab pizza. If it’s going bad, girl, pass me the steaks and desserts.  How about you?  So, nothing could be a better answer to that than knowing there is a place where your cravings can be satisfied to the brim without burning a hole in your pocket.  No matter what type of food you're craving for.
Mad for Pizza is our place, located at  Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato.
I can't really tell whether the owner's character were embedded in the design concerns of the restaurant.  I find the place very masculine yet brisk.  Wooden floors, long wooden bench on one side of the resto, vintage-look metal chairs and a long bar on the other side of the room, all seemed to be elements of simple, sporty interior vibe the restaurant may want to render.
However, Mad for Pizza still is a great place to bring your family or friends with its wide dining venue and the open kitchen is one heck of a showcase for everyone as well.

Let's Talk About Pizza First
Andross' Choice (P 250)
Anya's Creation (P 250)
Justine's Favorite (P 250)
As suggested by the owners, if you can't seem to find time choosing what to put on your pizza, one can opt to have the three recommended pizza creations - Andross' Choice, Anya's Creation and Justine's Favorite, each for a very affordable cost of P 250.

Not only that pizza is an all-time favorite comfort food, it also is fun designing your own kind.  With pizza joints adapting a concept where diners have the freedom of putting their choice of toppings, Mad for Pizza's open kitchen is brimming with high-quality sauces, cheeses, meats, and vegetables plus four options of crisp and chewy homemade doughs.   At the top of the open kitchen is the huge painted wall on how to go about customizing your pizza.

The toppings all-you-can pizza is very affordable at P280, diners are also assured that the preparation stay interesting with its expansive, forty choices of garnishes —no shortcuts, all-natural and flavorful. To begin with, the  pizza doughs available in Classic, Garlic Parmesan, Herb, and Spinach are especially prepared in-house which takes up a notch the pizza experience.
You can easily judge how meticulous the staff are when making your pizza.
Even your choice of crust is made from scratch.

And tadahhh!...

The photos above are some of the customized pizza created for my blogger friends.

Don't you think with these, pizza is like the entire food pyramid already!

A Feast of Flavors at Mad for Pizza

An afternoon of delightfully prepared plates awaited us.  I began the feast with Rock and Roll Nachos (P 178).  The crisp nachos were smothered with chili, drizzled with melted cheddar cheese and light mayo.
The house salad is your regular salad greens but made fruity with an addition of peach slices.  Already spiked with a tangy vinaigrette when served at P 158 only.

One of the dishes I truly like is the Beef Stew Pasta (P188).  I was however getting a bit of an earthy taste (like a hint of coffee on the sauce or maybe a deglazed cooking wine).  The rich sauce clinging to the rigatoni pasta  mimicked the luxurious, mouth-coating texture of beef stews made with homemade stock. According to them, the sauce is infused with tomato based sauce mixed with stewed slices of smoky Angus beef belly.

Here now is the "Amboy" (P 218), a dish they take pride on.  It's actually an Angus Beef Belly in Adobo Sauce. 
Prepped and tenderized through overnight marination to ensure its melt-in-your-mouth texture, the semi-sweet adobo sauce that lingers in the meat gives this dish a delicious Filipino-American flair while heightening the beef belly’s tasty components.

 While for those who opt to enjoy a seared and fried dish, Classic Fish and Chips (P188) is a meltingly tender dory fish wrapped in crispy, lightly coated pancake breading with a whiff of vanilla essence.  Aside from the hefty serving, its freshness also makes the dish enjoyable in more ways than one.

Strawberry Mango Iced Tea
Frozen Iced Tea
Salted Caramel Milkshake

When it comes to beverage selections, Mad for Pizza introduces edgy, perfect for family drinks that is every bit refreshing. Currently popular is the Frozen Iced Tea (P98) which possesses a smoothness that’s perfect for all types of grubs and made luscious with concentrated iced tea, and pineapple with the tang of calamansi.

For a beverage that’s both satisfyingly stimulating and can qualify as a dessert drink, Salted Caramel Milkshake (P98)  features the clever flavors of vanilla ice cream, and caramel  sauce with salt infusion.
Chilling out is usually synonymous with beer, so what else can be a better way to enjoy an oven-fresh pizza other than an ice cold, crisp and malty draft beer.

Look forward to premier brands Hoegarden and Stella Artois, which works well with scorched, crusty and meaty pizzas. Aside from the fact that draft beer clearly stands out for its smoother taste, beer lovers will agree that there’s always a better experience with beer drawn from a tap since it signifies a celebration in every sip.

Cocktail drinks are also perfected by the experts—everything’s a no-fuss drink which stands out for its festive 21 oz sizes and flavors with a punch. All at P180 per serving, the Margarita, Sea Breeze, and Mojito are deliciously sophisticated and awakens the palate. But if on the look out for something familiar that step right up to company, the bright and sharp taste of San Miguel Pale Pilsen will never disappoint.

For a sweet ending, you can choose from four choices all having a price of P 88.  Have the Banoffie Cubbler, potassium filled with enough banana slices, to satisfy your craving for a creamy yet hearty dessert.

Maybe you are feeling extremely bummed out or on the other hand gay after completing some tasks, it's good to reward yourself with a mango topped Panna Cota. A dessert that has an exceptionally light and silky mouthfeel bursting with creamy goodness.

I can more or less agree that when it comes to food, there’s always a better experience when choices are affordable, big serving and offers many options. Mad for Pizza truly combines the best of both worlds where feast and flavors meet, an affordable indulgence without the compromise on quality, plus a pleasant venue for foodies hankering for delicious food and few drinks.

Mad for Pizza
Address: 2/F Il Terrazzo Building, 305 Tomas Morato Ave. corner Scout Madriñan St. Quezon City,
For delivery and take out, call (02) 3512621.
Instagram and Twitter:  @MadForPizza 


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