Monday, June 23, 2014

Johnny Rockets Newest Gourmet Offering

Not long ago, when FIFA World Cup is not on season yet, hubby and I delighted ourselves with watching The Pickers, Pawn Stars, Kings of Restoration and Storage Wars, every morning (and the evening before that) on History channel.  Both of us love knowing stories behind every vintage items featured.  It's not that we got stuck on the era where phone booths, jukebox and discos were the "in thing."  But it amazes us how such old, yet timeless pieces can still be sparkling and exciting.

Thus, one of the things that get us through at times when we needed to dine out is having hearty meals or snackaroos at places with vintage vibes.  Best example would be Johnny Rockets.

 Where else can you hype black and white tile floorings, red-leathered chairs, all-American inspired diner,
 and, dancing wait-staff?
 It was my second time at Johnny Rockets (but had my first on a different branch) and I can still remember how fun it was seeing their staff invite diners with their dance, to the tune of 70's and 80's music.  Just a reminder to those who plan to apply at any Johnny Rockets' restaurants, make sure you practice well with your dance pieces so you can be sure of landing a spot for the job.  I'm not kidding!

 Well anyways, I was recently at their Eastwood Mall branch and I was blessed enough to try their latest gourmet burger and beverage.  It was a bloggers' event and it was indeed a pleasure to be part of it.

But before I announce their newest offering, let me share this photo.  My hubby for sure will be dumbfounded when he sees this.  Not the booty dance, you silly!  I was eyeing on the vintage coin dispenser on one of the staff's belt.  We just saw this one in an episode at The Pickers, and they bought one from a lady from Texas, collecting all sorts of things.  Just one of the nifty things you can find inside the retro resto.

 Now, drum roll please, let me introduce their latest gourmet burger, the Lobster Wagyu Burger.

 An order will cost you P 925.  Served on a wooden board, you will have the gourmet burger, a hefty serving of French fries and half of a big grilled and buttered shrimp.
The Wagyu beef patty sandwiched on Kaiser buns with Iceberg lettuce is topped with lobster mayo dressing.  I know, Wagyu alone sounds expensive (that's why it's classified under gourmet, duh!) but with an addition of lobster it's a different level all-together.
"Why Wagyu", you may ask.   People often describe its kind of meat as melting - real wagyu almost literally does, as the high fat levels baste the muscle from within.  I'm not just sure where they got the Wagyu beef?
I did not find that ideal in Johnny Rockets, but I do love the taste of the lobster dressing on top of it.
Surprisingly, Wagyu and lobster complemented each other's taste.
But all-in-all, ordering one can worth every cent, I mean just the experience of having lobster on a burger is just a treat already. Don't you think?
How about a foie gras burger next time?

For the adventurously wild epicures, here is their newest beverage, the Wasabi Milkshake (P 295).
Why? Why? Why?

If you have Wagyu, the next best bet would probably be anything with Wasabi.  In this case, it was infused in their famous milkshake.  A bold and brave take on their famous milkshakes.  Wondering why their shakes are good?  According to Mr. Bondoc (Johnny Rockets EVP-COO), they use a different cream with a specialized butter content, making every sip smooth and the flavor associated, rich.

I honestly love my first sip.  But I wasn't able to finish the whole tall glass, the effect of wasabi really got into my senses and almost gave me a headache.  It was overpowering towards the mid glass.  If they could have toned down the wasabi flavor down to a hint, it would have been a blast of a shake.

Eastwood Branch
Address: G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Libis, Quezon City
Contact details:  +632 4702117 / +632 4702208

Burgos Circle
Address:  Unit WS-1 Burgos Circle,Forbes TownCenter,
               RizalDrive Cor.West CrescentPark,
               Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact Details:  (02) 836-9546

Tomas Morato Branch
Address:  No. 205, JR 1 Building, Tomas Morato Ave,
               beside CKB Center Bldg., (in between Scout Rallos
               & Scout Limbaga Streets),Barangay Laging Handa,
               Quezon City
Contact Details:  +632 3520693 / +632 3528486

Robinsons Galleria Branch
Address:  Level 2, Space No. 2355,
               Robinsons Galleria Veranda, Robinsons Mall,
               Edsa corner Ortigas Ave., Ugong Norte,
              Quezon City
Contact Details:  +632 4776499 / +632 4776501


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