Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Appreciating an Aunt with a Dinner at Pugon Roasters, McKinley

Have you done something special for someone without even noticing you've made a mark on that person's life?  I do hope I did.  If it didn't matter that much I hope in time it will be realized.

But I'm not going to tell you what I did, this time, I want to share something that had been done for me.  She wouldn't have guessed that she had been part of my life all along.  I'm talking about one of my many aunts. Though we are not blood related (my mom's brother is her husband) it was more than blood that saw us through.  

Now is the time for us (my kids and I) to appreciate her for inspiring me to bake and being such a blessing to our family.

Meet my Tita Fely...

All her life have been devoted to her family, worked as an OFW for a long time and had been a flow of blessing to her relatives, including us.  Together with her husband, my uncle, they were able to invest hectares of land in Bayawan which they were managed to transform into a mango orchard and coconut farm.  

I remember when me and my siblings were still small, she would give us simple jewelries as pasalubong from Saudi Arabia, whenever she comes home in Manila.   Also, their generosity have never subsided even when I reached college.  Up until now, she would call me and have always considered our conversations as joy.  

Now, that I have my own family, she even love my kids as her own grandchildren and smother them with love and blessing when she visit us.    

For now, she is back in Milan to fix some issues before she could really settle down and relax in Bayawan, where they run an apartment for rent and their farm, while taking care of our uncle.
Another thing my family would not forget is how she took care of us and hosted our vacation in Bayawan and /Dumaguete.  

Here is a sneak peak from our short stay in Bayawan.  This trip alone deserves one heck of a post. (So stay tuned for that.

During our visit to Dumaguete last September of 2013, we spent a couple of days at my Uncle Clement and Tita Fely's house.  We were treated like princes and princesses, and we were able to visit some other relatives there.

Last photo op, before we leave them and travel for Dumaguete (which is roughly 2 hours).

To see how we enjoyed our Dumaguete expereince, read at these following links:

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With that said, we just want to honor and thank our Tita Fely for being so nice all these years.  
Also, I can not thanks her enough for being (one of) my source of inspiration in baking, ever since I have tried her banana cake when I was  in Grade 4, I told myself that someday I will make my own.   True enough, I have become one successful baker and have loved baking and making pastries up until now.

So, before she went back to Milan, Italy, we brought her to The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill for dinner.  Timely that Chef Jacq and Chef Lau (the Laudico's) have opened up a new branch of Pugon Roasters  there so we all had a try of their service and menu offerings.  The resto at that time was on soft opening but as you can see, diners flocked them.

I have always loved Pugon Roasters, I didn't bother reviewing them here though, however if you want to know more about their offerings you may read here.

Going back to the main story...

The impact that my Tita had on my life cannot be underrated. Not only did she helped me financially, she also shared with me the wisdom she had gathered throughout her lifetime. 

How about you have you thanked someone today?
There is no excuse for not expressing your feelings to your loved ones today. There is no excuse for not saying thank you today. There is no excuse for not taking ten minutes of your time to call someone who needs you.  There is no excuse not to forgive someone who sincerely apologizes right now.
There is simply no good reason to postpone the important until tomorrow.
Appreciate the people who help you, who are there for you, who see that you are vulnerable and who don’t just look away. Appreciate them today and act on it.
This is your opportunity to do it—right now, while there’s time.


  1. What a nice gesture to do for an Aunt:) I hope I can do something for one of my favorite Tita also.

  2. It's nice to see that they invested their money well and can come back in the country.

  3. I agree, money invested so wisely bear great dividends. Yummy foods out there.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I am sure your Aunt had a great time in Pugon Roasters and in your company as well.


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