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HOTEL REVIEW: Wingate Manor Weekend

Because the marriage need to take a break from daily hardships, the houseband has the obligatory duty to take the housewife away from the regular workload at home and give a weekend of retreat where pollution is less, this includes social pollution.
However, since it's the time when budget calls for more and more reviews and assessments, inexpensive means still would be a major priority.  A few help from group buying sites  have been answering that for us for quite some time now.  But there are cases in which a well-thought of plan can still go berserk, like when one child gets sick and that you need to decide whether to pursue the weekend get-away or just bring her along.  In worst cases, you can not only bring just one kid, since we will be bringing one, might as well bring the two of them to ward off more child-sensitive issues.

The lobby leading to the cafe

Initially, Bhogs have planned that we go to Taal, Batangas for our anniversary. I also have corresponding places to go to as we trek the road to one of the heritage places in our country.  Romantic places included in my list are Alta Veranda de Tibig, Meteora, Chateau Hestia and Rekados.

Apparently, the plan did not materialize as to my expectation.  As I've said, we took two of our younger kids with us since our daughter (who is juve diabetic) was feverish and diagnosed with a swollen throat, to Tagaytay and to Silang for a  Food Tasting event at Alta Veranda de Tibig.

The two girls graced in violets were so happy running around the wide lawn of Alta Veranda.  I was pleased seeing them that way, for its a rare occasion that they get to  do that in Manila.  

Hmm...Now, it got me thinking, are they just making excuses so they can come with us.  Sure looks like it.  That might also explain the jump shots here.

So going back to the BnB, Wingate is not that popular among the regular Tagaytay travelers.  It's actually secluded and located away from the league of BnB's and hotel which happens to be right smack where the Tagaytay action is.
The road leading to Nurture Spa is where the map lead us, another 10 minutes ride will take there.

It's a so-so hotel for me, but I can say, it's clean and cozy.  As long as the place is clean and smells fresh, I'm good with it.  Anyhow, the cold breeze of Tagaytay is what I'm truly after.

The room we got was a wee small for a family of four.  Thus, Bhogs would always argue that it was booked for two only.  What sucked a bit was, they didn't allow my kids to stay with us in the room unless we pay extra for them.  After explaining our situation and thinking that a maximum of two kids below 11 years old can stay with the parents without additional charge, like what other hotels allow, Wingate does not.  So we have to pay an additional fee of P 1, 500 and the staff behind the counter even asked us if we won't get the additional mattress.  Duh!  We paid for it, didn't we?  We even paid another P300 for my other daughter's breakfast.  So, all in all, the budget have grown out of proportion and to top it off, they don't allow credit card payments.

As you may also have noticed, they do have a small swimming pool.  But I didn't bother to bring swimsuits for I know we won't be able to enjoy it with the cold temp and occasional windy atmosphere, plus Dana was sick.

They do have FREE massages for the two of us, which was included in the accommodation package Bhogs had purchased.   The massage room is a big room divided by curtains and lined up massage beds.  I'm not sure private personally would find that kind of arrangement ok.  Also, I just didn't like the idea of going out of the room to their massage areas near the pool.  It's not convenient going out the cool weather after the treatment, don't you think?

All in all, the hotel was spic and span, the staff are courteous and the service is fast and reliable.  The bathroom is clean with hot water on both shower and sink, with complete hygiene kit and comfortable towels.  Another star on the list is the rain shower style, which not all hotels in Tagaytay have.  But It would also be more special if they have a bath tub like that of Lee Boutique Hotel.

If I could be allowed to suggest some improvement, I'd probably suggest they upgrade the style of their bedding.  Why is it that they always use white linens, they could however put a bit of colors in the bed, in the form of light/pastel colored pillows and bed sheets.  Also they could add a few more flowering pots on pathways and table tops located outside each rooms.

I might not recommend this place unless you  really want a place that's away from the noisy traffic.

Wingate Manor

Address:  Magallanes Drive, Maitim II West, Tagaytay, L


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm thinking of checking out that part of the Philippines in the near future.

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