Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coming Back to Designer Blooms

It was a supreme pleasure of finding out that Designer Blooms is owned by Christians coming from Victory Church.  No wonder the place seems to overflow with love.  Actually, it is of love why the business have evolved.  We know giving flowers are not just symbol of honor and respect, more so it is a way of showing how one is loved.

I was there at the launch of Designer Blooms Cafe more than a year ago and I got so in love with the concept of having a cafe and flower shop in one.

So when an opportunity strikes for us to visit it again at Molito, Alabang (since it was a rare occasion for us to go to South area) I was overjoyed.

The lovely starry evening gave both Bhogs and I a mood for dining for two, and look these adorable flowers greeted us as we came in.

Oh yes! As I've expected, all the shabby, chic elements of the cafe were all there.
Do read my full review of the place here.

Then the food came... didn't end there, for the night was all young and romantic...

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