Saturday, October 26, 2013

New FSC™ Certified Products from Gastro Chef

Are you aware that somehow we are also part  of the massive forest destruction without realizing, and evidences are found in our home.  From the toothpick, to the papers to the furniture and home fixtures that we are using.  

In a report made, "sufficient evidence is available that the whole world is facing an 

environmental crisis on account of heavy deforestation. For years, remorseless destruction of forests has been going on and we have not been able to comprehend the dimension until recently. Nobody knows exactly how much of the world’s rain forest have already been destroyed and continue to be razed each year. Data is often imprecise and subject to differing interpretations. However, it is obvious that the area of tropical rain forest is diminishing and the rate of tropical rain forest destruction is escalating worldwide, despite increased environmental activism and awareness." (Deforestation, India)

The growing needs for lumber and timbers for global uses have resulted in massive deforestation which environmentalists blame for climate change.  The time is now that we all have to understand this, and become responsible enough by not supporting products that support this issue.  

"But that's very perverse, don't you think?"  Almost everything if not all comes from trees, and we have been dependent on it since time immemorial.  If you want to stick to this approach, let me propose something.  

I've come upon this brand called Gastro Chef.  I've been using their cutting board and chef's knife for a year now and up until now they still look good and has not chipped.  The good thing about the woods they use is that they are stamped with the FSC seal which means that the wood is sourced from properly managed forests.

FSC or Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging responsible management of the world’s forests.  FSC™ certified products provides the customer with the assurance that the timber used has a chain of custody and is only harvested from forests that meet the stringent environmental, social and economic standards laid down by the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

Now, here is one good news from your foodie friend, the kitchen utensils I love using from Gastro Chef are FSC certified.  So I can rest my worries on being a part of the economy that disregards wood sustainability, and so can you.

Read more about Gastro Chef's products  at the link below : 

As Filtra Group, the makers of Gastro Chef products, have continually innovates new eco-friendly products.  More and more elegantly designed kitchen helps are up to grace your dining tables.  They are best for our daily food serving  and are very easily cleaned.  

Cutting Board with groove - large, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Serving tray - large, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Pizza Peel, Lenga-FSC™ certified wood

Bread Bin
Bread Board
To find out more of these products, dimension and product designs and to order, kindly go to their website, here is the link:

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