Saturday, September 14, 2013

Overjoyed and Blessed at ABS-CBN's It's Showtime

    Danica, our youngest daughter is very simple when it comes to asking something for her birthday.  Before, she asked for a pink and black, Monster High sort of theme for her 7th birthday, but it did not materialize because her sister got hospitalized when we were planning for it.  She was always ahead of us.  So on her 7th birthday, we did not have the party she was dreaming off.  Instead what we had was a simple celebration with her classmates with a birthday cake, cupcakes and some goodies. Thus, it was my plan to organize one this time with the same plan, but she insisted not to have it so we don't spend much.
  It was every moms dream to give their kids their happiness.  It is my joy to see them happy and living with the things they dream of or wish for.  My daughter comes home from school excited everyday anticipating an afternoon of laughter and entertainment and it was a regular speech from her " Showtime na, mommy?"
   One  time while watching It's Showtime, she asked us if we could also go to the studio and watch it, like the other audience we would see on TV.  I thought it is hard to get in, plus I don't know how to.  So I told her, "I don't think that would be possible, sweetheart,"  then she blurted "dream ko makapunta dyan mommy at makita si Vice Ganda, Anne, Vhong, Karylle, Billy and the rest of them at the show."
   But you know, things you may thought to be impossible may just be one heartbeat away and it can be possible.

 So, yes!  In spite of the odds, we were able to make it happen, thanks to my blogger friends, Flow ( and Ning (Shygirlsown, for putting me on the list of bloggers to cover the said Friday (the 13th) show.   And more blessings, my daughter Danica was allowed to be brought to watch the show.   It was my gift for her and she considered it the best gift ever!  She was so happy.  What more blessing indeed, I was also able to bring in my daughter (Dana) to witness an eventful day for her sister and me.  I didn't know Dana had been praying for this as well.  So, even though, there is the fear on the back of my mind that she might get hypoglycemic for we were not allowed to bring in food and drinks, I risked it with a prayer in my heart.

 It was one of the best time ever and I got to experience it with my girls!  So here are just some of the photos I got from the show, enjoy!

  Do you want to experience this joy too?  
Well you can and it's only a phone call away.   How To Watch?

  You can book yourself and your companions to a Studio tour, and watching It's Showtime is part of it, for only a fee of  PHP 175 pesos.   If you are a TFC subscriber then get even more excited for you are free.
  To book call (02) 415-2272 with locals 3622, 3624 or (02) 416-3211. 

Walk-in bookings, are also accepted.

The tour includes a 15-minute presentation on the history of ABS-CBN, the museum, and different studios.

Note that audience members are not allowed to bring in food or drinks into the studio.

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  1. its sis naman special mention pa talaga. thank you din kay Baunch Tumale sis. We're happy that her wish came true.


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