Thursday, September 12, 2013

One Luxurious Me Time at Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio

   Nothing beats a pampering time spent without hearing "mommy" from my kids or seeing another crayon from the living room.  Don't get me wrong, I never regretted being a mom to my four kids, but come on, even with moms who only have one kid need to step-away from the usual rigors of motherhood.

   In one of the group I belonged to - Manila WHAM, short for Work-at-home moms, the admin caused a stir when she raised a simple question to all the whammies.  The question was  "How do you train yourselves to have a time out or some me-time?"

   I expressed my ideas about my me-time in a heart beat, and everyone followed after.  It was fascinating to read each one's thought about having a me time, some expressed guilt of having long hours spent for it, some would say a 15 minute break is fine, some would go overboard and spend one whole day all by themselves or with friends.

   However ways you spend it, me time for us moms (and dads as well) is important, but most of the time is set aside.  "Me time" is a healthy and necessary part of modern parenting.   There are ample suggestions on how to spend it and get that instant bliss you needed.

  The best way to fully appreciate a well-spent "me time" is getting pampered.  A refreshing and invigorating Manicure and Pedicure paired with an ultimate cleansing package is enough to get that self-esteem.  As much as I would like my kids give me massages or apply quirky nail-polish, a professionally done treatment is equally wonderful.

   With this now in mind let me share you one place that I''ve just checked out in Paranaque.
  Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio, is an apt brand for a place you would call haven for people seeking comfortable, private, organized and hygienic salon, without burning a whole in your pocket.

   They deserve to be visited for so many reasons.  Here are some of the things I've taken noted of, also to remind me not to forget another wonderful "me time" experience there or maybe, I can bring my girls and spend some bonding moments with them while we all get "prettified."

1.  Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio exudes an elegant and generic posh ambiance.  No dazzling ornaments to scare the males who would also want their own "me-time."  Should I say that vain people will definitely feel at-home here?  As you can see mirrors are built in every walls.

2.  Their seats spell comfort.  Not too cushy, not too hard. Plain black leather chairs and tables are furnished with pillows adorn or add to the coziness.

3.  Top of the line products were meticulously chosen by the owners, making sure that only quality products without any harmful ingredients are only used on your skin and nails.  Nail products from Zoya, OPI, Gellish, Magneto and now Morgan Taylor line their display cases.

     Aromatic essences and oils sourced outside the country are used in their customized products for hand spa, foot spa and body ritual services.  Each service package is so designed to be uniform according to essential oils, for the 7-step step process hand spa and 8-step foot spa.

4.  Graceful and courteous staff.  The ladies, beautifully garbed in black pants and blouse with gold trimmings, never failed to overindulge the guests, including me.  Kindness above all is very eminent, which I always look for in therapeutic beauty treatments.

5.  Hygienic.  Luxe Aura is owned by doctors, so you can observe that sanitation is always prioritized.  From the manicure kits to the towels, everything were spotless.

6.  Eight amazing choices for their 8-step foot spa.  Click the link to see the choices.

I was able to try the Detoxifying package.  It's a Green Tea Foot Spa which follows a rigorous 8-step process.  Let me tell you, it was such an invigorating experience, if only my skin legs could speak, it would definitely thank me for the skin.  I felt that my skin was able to breathe after the series of skin cleansing regimen and moisturizing.  You can definitely get fond of this.  So make sure you calendar at least a once a month visit for this.

7.  Six kinds of soothing hand spa packages.  Click the link to see the choices.

   I had the Soothing package or the Tension Relief Hand Spa.  With the mild aroma and extensive benefits the ginger gives, my hands and arms had that treatment I have been looking forward to having, since forever.

   Their hand spa follows a seven-step process which begins with soaking in treated warm water.  Followed with the ginger scrub, then a cream to mask the entire arm is applied and wrapped with cellophane and hot towel.  After some minutes, the mask is taken off with a cleansing agent then rubbed off completely clean with a warm towel.   A relaxing massage followed after, then moisturized with ginger-infused butter lotion.     Finally, spritz of the sanitizing fusion ends the treatment. This left my skin hydrated, soothed and my soul revived.

8.  Colors and lots of them to go crazy for!

Having the dapper me came out just for a moment there gives me a new outlook in life.  The mom, but not the 'loshang" one, is now ready to face more work to finish, new people to meet, even more household chores and more fun times with the family!

Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio is located at Unit A 2/F Silverio Bldg., 145 Dona Soledad Ave., Brgy Don Bosco, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City

For inquiries call tel: (0933)191-0259 or 02 823-3578
Email :

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