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Suggested Accommodations at Legazpi for Budget Travelers.

 Would you like to wake up early in the morning with this awesome view on your veranda or terrace?
Legazpi City is a mix of the old and modern world.   Traces of the ancient times are richly scattered, while new buildings and business establishments work well side by side with the iconic view only found in this region, the Mayon Volcano.
Accommodation is not problem.  There are more than a dozen in the same town, however each one is distinct.  For sure there is not only one that will definitely match your style and your budget.
Here are some that we could recommend.   Of course, budget and proximity to the airport and major terminal or rides are also noted.

1.  Balay De La Rama, Daraga, Albay
1542 Banag, Daraga, Daraga - Albay, Bicol, Philippines
Balay De La Rama is a Bed and Breakfast hotel that promises to give you a comfortable stay where you feel at home, with the volcano as your neighbor.  Each room is equipped with new AC, favored lighting condition, clean and ultra-comfy bed with soft pillows and clean sheets.  Cabinets are also available for storing your things keeping them out of site and making your room more spacious and organized.
Since the rooms are newly furnished (probably newly built also) the bath rooms are so clean and everything is new.   Hot and cold shower is available, with clean white towels and free soap.

Our rooms, standard plus (good for two) and de luxe, were located on the second floor.   Yo get to go up a spiral staircase on the veranda with a view of the Mayon and Lignon Hill.  
A living room will then welcome you with  an enormous wicker corner sofa.  The suite has three rooms.
This is the terrace just outside the receiving area of the second floor.  Nothing much to see yet till the dawn breaks, but stars are plenty only when it is not cloudy.
What I like here is that they don't have TV's on the rooms.  So we just slept while we were there.  It maybe just me but here my side first.   The family needed as much sleep as we could, since what we had for two days  is a rigorous non-drive, commute only trip from town to town, mind you we are six in the family, two teens and two grade-schoolers.
But if you're family is looking for more fun activities you can rent their Xbox 360 Kinect.  My kids had a blast til late night, dancing and playing with it their dad.
How can an accommodation of a BnB be without breakfast?  Balay, which means house, serves different breakfast types per day.  A Saturday menu (The Poor Man's Breakfast) consists of Smoked Fish, Fried egg,  steamed rice and coffee.

For inquiries, look for Jess Hernandez De La Rama, he is the friendly Executive Manager of the place and hands-on when comes to dealing with guests.

2.  Vista Al Mayon Pensionne
Washington Drive Legazpi City, Legazpi - Albay, Bicol

On our second day we chose to have a room at a pensionne house, with of course a great view of Mayon, and a swimming pool.

The sight of the volcano at the picture above was taken in the afternoon.   It a rare opportune to see the majestic sight in the afternoon.  If a day would be cloudy, make sure you wake up early at sunrise to capture its beauty.   The people there seem to believe a myth about its appearance.

We didn't stay on a hotel because we are not after the amenities or the services that comes with the price.   We got the rooms for sleeping and saving our baggages only, while we go around Legazpi and the rest of Albay.  However, both two accommodations offer free wifi.

Food should  be ordered in advance though, they have a canteen for beverages.   The rooms are clean as well, this time we have TV's with cable but not the LCD yet.  Our room, the executive has a refrigerator.   Each rooms have bathrooms with water heaters and bide.  
3.  Ellis Ecotel
Embarcadero de Legazpi, Legazpi - Albay, Bicol
Ellis Ecotel is the sister of St. Ellis Hotel, also at Albay, though by its namesake, it is a budget hotel.   This is the hotel found inside the Embarcadero Mall.  At first you would notice an entrance like an alley of a gallery with mirrored walls and cylindrical ceiling lamps.

As you can see the rooms are not that spacious but styled modernly.  It can be likened to a boutique hotel with sophisticated class when comes to amenities.  It doesn't have the majestic Mayon view but has the harbor view and the sight of the Sleeping Lion Hill.

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