Monday, August 27, 2012

Legazpi Tour 2012: Cagsawa Ruins

You might be thinking why we bothered going to Albay even though we didn't know anybody there.   For one, there stands the majestic beauty Mayon Volcano at the heart of Legazpi.  
When I was a school-kid, we learned at school that it is famous for its symmetrical "ice cream cone-like" figure.   Since then I became that interested, whether it is true or not, I need to see it with my own eyes, so does my husband.
Our two-day tour began with a breakfast at Bigg's Diner in Daraga, which was a 10 minute tricycle ride from  the airport.   We decided to pass by our unit at the Bed and Breakfast Hotel we reserved to drop our baggage off and start with the adventure.   Bhoggs chose Balay De La Rama which is near the road where buses and jeepneys pass by and is near all the famous landmarks we planned to visit.

Our first day was exciting but we didn't have so much luck with the perfect cone iconic figure of the volcano. During this time, especially when there are storms, clouds cover parts of it.  It didn't disappoint us yet, we know that the wind blows and the clouds move so we just took time enjoying the culture, the safe environment, and the kind and cheery people of Albay.
After our bags were checked in, we took a mere 10 minute-jeepney ride to Cagsawa National Park.   It is were you can find the Cagsawa Ruins with a spectacular view of the Mayon.   Mayon, btw, came from their word 'magayon,' which means beautiful.
We also noticed that with the vast land covering the whole town, traces of past strong storms are scattered, like the picture of an abandoned house in the middle of this grass field seen above.
On the sunny road to the Cagsawa park, artworks in stones and rattan crafts are being sold.
At the entrance, my daughter is seen checking out native-designed Christmas lanterns.   A fee of   to get you in the park.
Eerie isn't the feeling projected here as some would assume and say.   The ancient belfry still stand strong a midst the tragic Mayon Volcano eruption on February 1, 1814.  Almost two centuries old of remembering how nature can fiercely take its course.   Badly though, Mayon Volcano is not on site at this time.  My kids would ask, "why is the volcano hiding from us behind those clouds?"
On the site are some other stone structures left behind by the eruption and storms.
A park wouldn't be called as such without more of natures alluring florals.

On the site are some fast food stalls for some refreshments.   We had this Halo-halo at Jimaynam Eatery.   This cool snack have shreds of  cheddar cheese on top of it, all served  on  a bowl.   Visitors also flock here for Bicol's Pancit Bato, Laing and Bicol Express.
Next stop is Lignon Hill and then a one-of-a kind Bicol cuisine at Sibid-Sibid.

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