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Bonding with my Girls at Infinity Tutorial Services

We were one of the few who were able to experience a one-of a kind learning system with state-of-the-art learning styles and facilities.   A Family Day event happened at Infinity Tutorial Services or ITS, last August 4, were kids were treated above all with major fun activities and freebies.   They were all able to check out  each designated rooms designed for a particular learning objective.   Facilities such as the water  room, tantalizes kids visual acumen with sea creatures pasted on the walls and a mimic of the under-water world
Another exciting thing on that room was also having one teacher gave out simple weather lessons a kick with a sampler of how to make a tornado inside a jar.
The earth room, on one hand, shows more of our earth's coolest color, green.   With the neon green on the walls waking up the kids senses and leaf formations all around seems to evoke the  school's interest in our eco-system, biology lessons and nature while involving the kids into the lessons like how to make a lava come out from the volcano.
In that very room also, the kids got a  glimpse of their 3D film about animals and dinosaurs.
After which, kids were taken to a different room, this time were stars lit up the ceiling and planets hang on it. With a short lesson about our solar system, kids were able to get a view with their own visual imagination of what lies beyond our planet.
Aside fom the three rooms above, they also have an art room, a PC room and the arts and music room, where they also do ballet and \taekwando lessons.

ITS' aim is to develop students who have critical thinking and who believe that impossible situations give us the opportunity to make them possible.

Their experienced tutors observe a teach methodology that makes use of state the art technology, to mold and sharpen young minds, thus giving them a competitive edge.
One of the teachers playing and teaching how to play the violin
What makes ITS different from other tutorial centers?
Aside form the application of fun into learning here are some of the points that put them on edge above other other.

 - Unique learning methodology
                They build on their student's knowledge and enable them to reach for the stars by introducing supplemental curriculum in addition to reinforcing what they learned from school. Each room also has a breakout wall where they can freely express their thoughts or r solve challenging problems in a more conductive way.

- Global learning resources
                 They use books from Austalia, Hong Kong, and USA giving your child access to the lessons taught internationally.
- Use of state of the art technology
               They encourage our students to be tech savvy by exposing them to the tools of the future.   We have Core i5 laptops, iPad, and Samsung Smart TVs with internet connectivity to complements the student's learning. We also have Xbox, Wii and Kinect.
- 12-student classes
                They can only allow a maximum of 12 students per class so that we can focus on the needs of our students.
- 360 degree feedback
                They allow you to participate in the student's development anywhere, anytime through                 our online video feed.

What services does Infinity Tutorial Services offer?
1. After school tutorial for Grade 1 to Grade 6*
                Schedule: Monday - Friday, 4:00 - 6:00pm (only 12 slots per grade)
                Group price: P10,000 a month (40 hours, 5x a week, 2 hours a day). Hourly rate is at         P350/hour.
2. After school tutorial for High School students*
                Schedule: Monday - Friday, 6:30 - 8:30pm (only 12 slots per year level)
                Group price: P10,000 a month (40 hours, 5x a week, 2 hours a day). Hourly rate is at         P350/hour.
3. Early Childhood Development (Playgroup)
                Schedule: Monday - Friday, 10am - 12pm and/or 1:00 - 3:00pm (only 8 slots)
                Group price: P300 an hour.
4. Languages (ESL, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Spanish)
                Schedule: 10am - 12pm or 1:00pm - 3:00pm or 6:30pm - 8:30pm. (20 hour course)
                Group price: P375/hour per head (Other Languages are available upon request)
5. Advanced English Proficiency Program
                Curriculum: focuses on the development of English vocabulary, grammar,            pronouncation, proper intonations and advance conversational English
                Scheadule: 10-40 hour course with a flexible training scheadule
                Group price: P375/hour per head
6. Review Classes (for College Entrance Tests,  TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.)
7. SPED Tutorials
8. 3D Lessons
9. Ballet Classes
10. Violin Lessons

*After school tutorial for students may opt to take a 30-minute language class of their choice every 6-6:30pm, Mondays-Fridays. The fee is P1,500 for one month.
**The fees shown are all group prices. Group classes have a minimum of 6, and a maximum of 12 students. 1-on-1 tutorials are charged at P1,000/hour

Lunch was served after hours of learning
Thank you so much ITS, we are looking forward to another well-spent time with the staff in the near future, probably summer.

Even the parents had some health awareness nookie at the center while the kids are busy.
In partnership with Easy Phamax, known for their wheatgrass products, my Danica won the Little Miss Whea Gee, while Dana was given a certificate for being the Most Attentive Listener.

For more info, you may contact

Jericka P. Orellano

Admin. Coordinator


ITS Address:

Unit 1003 &1006, 10th Floor, Trade and Finance Tower
32nd corner 7th Ave., Taguig, Manila

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