Friday, July 6, 2012

The Woman Behind the Emerging Top Beautifying Products, Diana Stalder and Dermablend

Have you dealt with this phrase "behind every man's success is woman"?   In most cases, in every successfull business or  name is a brilliant man, make it into a logical equation, man, success, woman...
Isn't it convivial to connect  each with the other, so if a woman can drive a man to success, it would  mean that the woman can be as brilliant as the man.
Well, I'm not here to convince you of this but let me site a very interesting example.
I'm sure you've heard of Dermablend.  Nah?  How about Diana Stalder?
Dermablend is a local brand of soaps that is now hitting the market by storm for its top-of-the-line product breakthroughs in the soap and hygiene market.   Such products as Papaya Orange Skin Whitening and Moisturizing  Soap, Guava Tea Tree Soap, Cucumber Melon Soap, Oatmeal Soothing Exfoliant Soap, Rejuvinating Bar, Intensive Strength Anti-Aging Soap and MagC Cream Soap, Intensive Strength Skin Whitener and Moisturizing Soap are commercially available at Mercury Drug outlets.
Diana Stalder on the other note, a Body and Skin Care Center by Dermaline Inc.  is the Philippines pioneer in skin care and wellness.   In fact, I have been a dealer of Diana Stalder beauty kits way back when we lived in Dasmarinas, Cavite, about six years ago, and I can truly attest to how credible their product lines are.    Just recently I was able to visit their Araneta Branch for  a facial pampering with their Casmara Facial Mask.  And boy, let me tell you, it has been one that I would pep up.    I will give you full details of that on a different blog.
But what I want to give stress to here is what made all those names stood out in the market.   Have I only known before that Diana Stalder is a true person, I would have been more eager acknowledging it.    There is always a story to tell behind such products.   Diana Stalder is the 18 year old daughter of Dina Dela Paz Stalder the brain and heart of the company covering both names,  BCP Dermatological Corporation
 Meet Dina Stalder, the owner and the woman who started it all.   Graduate of B.S.  Medical Technology at Centro Escolar University, worked as a medical representative in a leading derma clinic who flew to England to work as a household aid.   While there she took up short courses on skin care, and eventually developed certain derma products and cosmetics and was able to put up Beauchamps Pharmacy here in Philippines last 1989.
Seeing the increasing demand for good products she furthered studying and went back to England.  With skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge on skin care matters, she finally established Dermaline Facial Centers in 1996.    
Now, graduating from Dermaline, with its  new name Diana Stalder Face, Body and Skin Care Center, it stands proud with  23 strong years, earning respect and admiration from people in  the business world.   But what they really can flourish about  is how they have been sincere when they say the customer's welfare matters.   Standing firm on their virtue that they don't and have never used hazardous ingredients or toxic  chemicals unlike the others who have gained wealth squandering money from vain men and women who were addicted to having fairer skin.
"We only produce products that are safe, effective, reasonably priced and of superior quality,"  enthuses Stalder, president, and chief executive officer of BCP.   "That I think is our edge among our competitors in this very matured market."
Not only their company is 100% Pinoy, ensuring the best quality in their products and services, they also have a manufacturing facility that operates "greenly" by having their own wastewater and dumping facility.   While giving skin care awareness, they also give employments and livelihood programs in the vicinity of Stalders Lab. Inc. which is located at San Pablo, Laguna.

Here are some of their products:

For more info on their facial care and services, visit them at 7th Floor National Life Insurance Building, Ayala Avenue , Makati or call them at 892-5659.



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