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Sandwiches for Kids' Baon Spruced-up with Lady's Choice Spread- Crunchy Apple and Turkey Ham Sandwich

 Hi Moms,
It's another manic Monday school day and I'm sure you are once again in search for the perfect baon for your kids for the whole week.    Here are sandwiches I made earlier for my kids who went off to school already.   A quick and easy way to prepare a ho hum regular ham sandwich, yet packed with nutrients to give your kids that energy and immune-boosting capacity they need to survive a day at school.
 Here are what you will need, Vegetable Bread (or any type of whole wheat bread), Turkey Ham Slices, big Fuji apples, thinly sliced and core removed, iceberg lettuce, and the star of the sandwich, Lady's Choice Ham Spread with real bits of ham. 
Why did I choose turkey ham by the way?  Well as compared to pork hams, it tastes better and looks leaner.    do you know that turkey is an excellent source of lean protein?   One serving of turkey provides more than half your body's protein requirement, with half the fat of beef and 30% fewer calories.
Turkey also contains the trace mineral selenium, plus niacin and Vitamin B6.

Protein is an essential building block for your bodies. The protein in turkey is lean and low in calories, making it an excellent healthy food choice. 
Selenium has been shown to inhibit cancer development, improve the immune system, and aid in the metabolism of our thyroid hormone. Each serving of turkey contains almost half of the body's requirement for selenium.
The B Vitamin niacin in turkey is a cancer-preventer as well. Niacin also helps convert elements of the food we eat into the energy our bodies run on.
Vitamin B6 also aids in energy production by helping to process carbohydrates.
Niacin and Vitamin B6 prevent the accumulation of homocysteine in our body. High levels of homocysteine damage blood vessels and significantly increase our risk for heart disease. So turkey is very heart healthy.
The facts about turkey point to a simple conclusion - turkey is a "super" food and one we should cook up more often.
The availability of turkey pieces, boneless turkey breasts, turkey cutlets and ground turkey make including this nutritious food in our menus an easy choice.
Thank God I met Miss Adele Cordova of Mac's Deli, Vigan Empanada and US Deli Products, at Mercato Centrale many months ago.  It is not easy finding turkey products in our nearby grocery stores, good thing  I visited Venice Night Market last May, and I found her there and her Turkey Bacon again, which proved to be my family's favorite bacon treat.   These time I tried using ham varieties and well we will never go back to pork.
Let me also thank Miss Adele for giving me the idea of putting sliced apples on this sandwich and boy, let me tell you, surprisingly it is so sumptuous and turned out to be savory, having the subtle sourness from the ham spread,  sweetness and crunch from apple  and the smoky and tender bite from the turkey ham.
 What I like about making sandwiches for my kids is that, you can play around with textures, flavors and still making sure you are giving the best to them.   And since Lady's Choice have different sandwich spread options, you plan your week's pabaon while surprising them with variations that they will sure to enjoy.   Here I used Ham Spread, other choices are Bacon Spread, Salad and Sandwich, Tuna Spread and of course the best-selling Mayo in the market, Lady's Choice Mayonnaise.
To do the sandwich,  spread the Ham spread sparingly on both side of the two sliced breads.   On one side, put Turkey Pastrami, then top it with one slice of apple,  lettuce and top this time with Smoked Turkey Ham.   Lastly, finish off with the other bread.  Walaah!   A crunchy and sweet twist to your simple ham sandwich.   This can also be packed with Malunggay chips and some Kiat-Kiat (mini Oranges)

Catch Miss Adele, her deli, specifically her turkey products at Distrito Makati every Thursday to Saturday to at 10 pm to 2 am.
You may also contact her at 09178423972 or email her at

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