Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sweet Contest for the Love Month

Picture from Manila Hotel

   Yesterday was the start of the love month, February, when everybody look forward to Valentine's Day.   All over the world, whether you have a special someone, looking for that special someone or have been with that special someone but seemed not, Valentines Days is one of the most celebrated occasion.  Restaurants by now have been preparing degustation packages for two, have posted gimmicks with romantic-themed activities and have finalized how they're to sell products all for LOVE.
L-O-V-E . . .I would like to write about this more, but then I'm sure we all have different thoughts on how we view this according to our situations.   So I will focus more on how we can spark the moment more.   Why don't we redefine  how we see relationships and revitalize  the love we have, even though you don't see it that way.   Let's put off any  arguments, differences and disgust and tend to what we could do to help each other nurture the love ( for each other of course).

R-O-M-A-N-C-E . . .love evokes romance, bonding and a special feeling of being irresistibly desired.
Whether you are a man or a woman, you have a need to be loved and as   Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it, "be a delicious torment."
So with all these clamoring about that very special day, let me give you tips but without selling out tons of money, unless  you are to obsess at him or her that you're willing to spend a lot.   These are creative ways I have collected which will sure melt your love one's heart.  But for me, what counts dearest is how you have put your heart into it.   Sometimes one would give too much but  it doesn't seem to be that special.

Tip # 1
Here is a story from one guy...
"Last year for Valentine's Day I came across a copy of the children's book How Much Do I Love You. I thought the story was very cute about a big hare and its little hare and how they try to show one another their love. To make the story more personalized, I printed out our "pet" names for one another and glued them over the names of the characters in the book (so now the story was about us!). She was so amazed to open up the book and read the story that she took it to her mother to show what I had done (the book still sits by our two stuffed bunny rabbits in our guest bedroom)."

Tip # 2
Light it up. Nothing sets the mood for romance more than the enticing aroma and flickering glow of a burning candle, so use them to your full advantage. On February 1, light a candle at dinner. The following evening, add another candle and light them both. Continue to add a candle each evening until Valentine's Day. As you add candles, arrange them into the shape of a heart. On February 14, you and your valentine will enjoy a romantic dinner amid the glow of your heart-shaped creation.  (This may be a bit overboard and tiresome, but will work magic)

Tip # 3
Think outside the box.   Candy and flowers are often a romantic staple for Valentine's Day, but even the darkest of chocolates can get boring after 10 years of receiving the same thing over and over again. Think outside that candy box and get creative. Ask yourself what her hobbies are and what are some of the things that truly make her happy. Take those answers and go from there. Don't take something off the list just because it is simple. Consider the small things and the large ones alike.

Tip # 4
What keeps your partner happier.   When it comes to romance, you know your partner the best. Think about the things you have done in the past that have made her happy and do variations those things. If you know she enjoyed getting art supplies for her studio, get her a basket filled with flowers and art supplies and a homemade card.
If you can't take her away for the weekend, give her a day at the spa. You can purchase a gift certificate for her to have a massage before you take her out to a romantic dinner. ou can even go into the spa with her and get a massage together.
Whatever you do, keep her and her happiness in mind and you will create a romantic Valentine's Day for two

Tip #5
Join my contest...
Here are what you can win:
  1. A dinner at L'entrecote,  Forbes Town.  AGC that is worth two Menu Geneva, consisting each of House Salad,  the signature L'entrecote Steak with the secret Herb Butter Sauce, unlimited Fries, and the sumptuous dessert Raspberry-Walnut  Vacherin and a glass of wine.   I made  a review about this amazing restaurant and I'm sure you and your dearest will  have a "steak tastic" dinner date here. Related Post:  A  Remarkable Steak Experience and More at  L'entrecote
  2. Discount vouchers from Manila Hotel  and a box of pralines worth P480.

4.   Three jars of  Italian  Mild Honey.   One thing to say I Love You in a honey way. 

5.  Two winners will get  two boxes of  Chocolate Bark each (each box is worth P200)
So all in all, five winners will be chosen among interested  readers.  Starting today February 2 until February 10.   The five winners will be chosen on the evening of February 10 at exactly 10 pm (Manila time)
How to join?  Easy as a pie!

    First, LIKE our Facebook  Page,  then, follow me at TWITTER, my account= JoyCF.   Also, to be eligible to join this contest, you must be one of my Follower,  if you're not a Follower yet, I'd love that you do.
    Second,  if you are a blogger, just simply blog about this contest telling how you want your Valentines Day to be special.   Once you did, you need to link me up to your post so I could check it.
If you don't have a blog, you can post in your Facebook wall how you want your Valentines Day to be special, in this form:   (Example only)
         For my Valentines Day to be special,  ,  how about you, share it,  visit Gastronomy By Joy to find out how they can make your Valentine's Day really special!
    Third, comment below this post with the details as follow:

More consideration for the first prize will be given to those who have done everything.   So  how are we going to select the winners.   For all the valid entries, you will be assigned a number accordingly, and the numbers will be drawn using RANDOM.ORG.
Oh sorry open only for Philippine residents.

LOVE . . .is sharing and what more can be more fun doing it than to reward  my readers and friends.
It's all up to you really how you want you share your time and your life to your love one, you can take my advices or you can check out the internet for more tips  but the best tip i can give you is enjoy every moment of it with the one that you truly love.

Advance Happy Hearts Day!


  1. do you really date on the exact date? But this place is good whether for valentines or not

  2. Goodluck to the winner, I'm too far from Manila :(. Sana next time may contest with free delivery ang price, haha. :)
    Regards, Edmaration

  3. Aww.. Too bad I'm single. I have no one to celebrate the V day with but myself alone hehe. :) Thanks for the lovely post

    Followed u:))

  4. God luck to this contest.. And I am from Saudi Arabia.. So I cannot join :)

  5. your post kinda made me hungry...great contest. i have one, too. you might wanna join.

    here's the giveaway post:

    and here's what i posted on comment exchange over at FBW.

  6. I'd like to take home some of those... specially number 4 and number 5...

  7. Every single minute I'm with my husband makes me so happy and so as he. Every day is Valentine's Day for us. I hope you have a good one.

  8. great tips i like number 4. hope i can join pero taga davao ako :)

  9. good luck on ur sweet contest!

    cute ung story sa tip#1...

  10. wow i love the chocolate bark. i should eat chocolates this weekend. and ohe i super love the tip #1. the effort is really there.

  11. This is a good valentine contest .Good luck to the winners.

  12. will bookmark this page, would love to join the contest :)


  13. I love to join but it's just physically impossible. Good luck to all who joined and enjoy your valentine date.

  14. I will be joining and so excited to share my blog post :)
    Religiously followed the first, second and the third rule.
    Adavance Happy Valentine to all <3 Spread the love!

    NAME: Dianee Metrado

    1. Hi Yani! Thanks for joining, you're so totally ahead of everyone...Good Luck!

    2. Thanks Ms. Joy :) Hope to win. God bless you and your family!

  15. I will supporting this one, Ms. Joy! Cheers to Love Month!

    Jinkee Umali of and

  16. This is interesting!

    I liked your page I hope you like mine.

  17. This is a cool contest for lovers, people in love, and those just falling in-live...

  18. Joining this one, Ms. Joy. Here are the details:

    Name: Jinkee Umali
    E-mail Address:
    Twitter Account: jrumali
    Facebook URL:
    Blog Link:

    Crossing fingers and hope follow all instructions right...Sorry I am not use to join contest...Trying and supporting this one...

    Jinkee Umali of and

  19. I don't have a blog, can I still join? From FB...Thanks, I'd love to win those...

  20. I'm joining this Ms. Joy. Details are as follows:

    NAME: Ma. czarina camille Salazar
    TWITTER ACCOUNT:@camssalazar

    Thank you! :)

  21. Joy, thank you for the wonderful tips! I am supporting your contest :)

    Here's my entry.

    Name: Yedy Calaguas
    twitter: @yedylicious
    Blog link:

    I have followed you on twitter and facebook. Also, i've been your follower thru GFC since the last contest you conducted in which I managed to join :)

    I am crossing my fingers to win on this contest :) Godbless to everyone! :)

  22. Thank You all guys! The contest ends here and it's time to draw the winners using Since only a few have managed to complete the task, everyone wins. Now Let assign who the winners for every prize is. Will be sending emails and texts on who and how...God bless everyone!

  23. WOW everybody wins. Yehey! <3 Thanks in advance po :) Continue to share your blessings to everybody. LoveLOVElove!

  24. Thank you for sharing your blessings Joy and congratulations to everyone! :)

  25. Thanks po.. you are such an angel. I am truly grateful for making my love month LOVELIER! God bless you more! ^_^

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