Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Than Tuna Fish at GenSan

Polomolok Fruit stands
By now, my kids are now so busy with school activities, after being absent for two days for  a very long weekend vacation at General Santos City.   And yes, part of their hearts were left at GenSan...and so does mine!

Here are just some of the reasons why...

1.  The Tuna fish and products made from it
Being the tuna capital of the country, where the largest tuna canning companies are residing, its not hard to appreciate the humble fish.   You see my kids have acquired a special inkling for maguro sashimi, so that's what they really looked after when we were just planning the trip.
   With the vast supply of tuna, the locals were able to invent dishes and delicacies where it is the major ingredient.   Nothing is thrown away, the panga or jaw is grilled which I found to be very tasty specially when grilled right.   
Even the tuna skin has  found its way to the market being a well-loved junkie, Tuna Chicharon, but I don't want to consider it as a junk, since it has much less cholesterol and rather enjoyably crunchy and satisfying specially when you're on your way to the beach.

2.  Durian
Known by its stinky characteristics, the King of Fruits have captured my distinctive  taste for exotics.   When we  reached the home  of my husband's relatives where we stayed, we were immediately offered a bowl of a cool, ice-cream like in texture, but with a very pungent and strong odor, fruit.    I knew even from a few meters away, that it is the dreaded Durian.   Not to embarrass our hosts, I took the courage to try it.  I felt the cold texture of the creamy meat of the fruit, as advised, you should take a big spoon serving of it into your mouth, to truly savor it.   What magic and joy,  I was mesmerized with the play of flavors which lingers in your tongue.  It is like an almond-flavored ice cream, with a waft of jack fruit and the sweetness of vanilla on a cream cheese.
I will be doing a separate post on the different goodies made and being sold with these.  It's ample in SOCSARGEN areas but more known to be a bounty in Davao.

3. Other Fruits from SOCSARGEN

The sweet and silky Marang
Dole's Pineapples, succulent, refreshingly-sweet without that after-bite that you fell after eating a few.  See how  yellow it is and how it was easily  sliced open with its thin  skin.  We were able to buy it in a basket, at about 5 kilos or more for only P 200.  So "sulit." 

3.   The Spring waters of Olaer Swimming  Resort.

Located at Brgy.  Apopong, this premier cold spring resort at Gen San is a refreshing refuge form the heat and dust of the downtown.  You either bask in the sun or dip into the cool pool of spring waters.

4.  Gumasa Beach (Coco Beach Resort) of  Sarangani

"I don't pretend to know what love is for everyone, but I can tell you what it is for me; love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person, love is trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, but still getting weak knees when they walk into a room and smile at you."
-- Author Unknown
 February 26, our wedding anniversary.
As you can see, we decided to spend it with the kids this time, with friends in GenSan and my husband's relatives.  It was worth the time-spent with the them, as I've said, "what we had was a priceless experience."
The place is safe, where the waves are mild and the sand is fine and pure.  These kids enjoyed immersing in eco-friendly play with the sea creatures that are always present
The long stretch of white sand apt for sports like volleyball
Post card perfect view of the sunset

Here at Sarangani, during the day,  the sky is azure,  reflected on the sea and making the color even brighter with white sand and the greenery of the mountain ridges surrounding the bay, no wonder why it is called, the Boracay of Mindanao.
At dusk, when the sun sets, the sky ablaze with a phalanx of colors, orange, yellow, red, blue...making it a perfect back drop for pre-nup or romantic photos...

5.  Pacquio's Residence and other properties

6.  Sarangani Province Provincial Capitol

7. Crocodile and Ostrich Meats 
Crocodile Sisig
Ostrich   Steak
 This are two exotic dishes out of my bucket list, in one sitting.   I will be doing a separate blog for this , which will definitely blow your mind off.  A hidden valley in GenSan's appetite indulgence.

8.  Balbacuahan
This is where locals gather during lunch for their steamy beef soup, known as Balbacua an alternate for Bulalo.  A roadside delight to satiate every hungry travelers, factory workers and just about anyone who crave for a comforting dish that is not heavy on the pocket.  Another of those unassuming places where you get exquisite cholesterol-laden comfort dish that would only cost you  P35.00 a bowl and a small plate of rice for P 5.00.   According to Market Manila blogger, it originated from Cebu.  Mainly made of  hooves, cow skins, and oxtails.  But none of those where present in my bowl, thank God, only tender beef shanks, and some glutinous skin fats.  Smells like Bulalo, but the taste is different in that, only spring onions are present, a hint of beans can also be tasted and the brownish-red soup thickened with oily liquid  from the spices and the fatty meat made it all a good lunch partnered with a bottle of chilled Coke  to replace some water lost due to heat of GenSan.

But what made the vacation worth all the pennies is  the warm welcome we received from our relatives.  They made their place our home away from home.  Their love and  kindness made our stay so much fun and relaxing.  They have set aside their work time just to bring us to places far reached by ordinary  people,  have us experience things  we couldn't have imagined doing and even sent us off to the airport, embedding the treasure left at our hearts.
Donned in fashionable malongs, which were supposed to be "pasalubong" for friends back in Manila.
 There are so much more to see and experience at GenSan, that includes a  day tour to neighboring Southern Cotabato towns.  More restaurants and coffee shops emerging, SM and Robinson's malls and oh, no traffic!

So till our next visit, Gen San!


  1. What a beautiful tropical paradise! I still wonder how can you simply swallow something like durian! hehehe....

  2. I so love freshly picked durian and tuna~! I went to Polomolok too!

  3. Marang! I love that fruit! and durian to. I remember when I was in Davao, nagexcess baggage pa ko para mauwi ang mga fruits na yan.

    Crocodile meat and ostrich meat... interesting..

  4. I've there. Our borders they are from Gen San and Kapitabahay nila si Pacman. Hehehe so sad I have no photographs to show that was 10 years ago. LOL hindi pa uso ang picture picture. Thanks for sharing this namiss ko tulong ang Langka, Marang at iba pa.

  5. OMG! The first photo made me think that you just propose. Hahaha!

    I miss GenSan. I used to go there monthly for audit visits. =)

  6. What an awesome vacation you had! I can't blame your kids for leaving part of their hearts in GenSan. Gusto ko i-try yung mga food na kinain nyo.

  7. I am a proud Mindanaoan here. Been to Gensan many times and I was at the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao and was also at the Blogfest. Thanks to the organizer I was able to visit the Tuna at the Fish Port...i had the taste of Gensan's bests.

    Looking forward to visit the place once again when time permits.

    I miss Gensan.

  8. wow paradise! super ganda!and tagal ko na di nakakakita ng starfish in their natural habitat! ;)

  9. sarap tingnan at tikman ng mga foods na nasa photos mo and it looked like it was a very good, memorable holiday! Lovely!

  10. tuna chicharon. crocodile and ostrich meat.
    ALL look appetizing. yumyum

  11. It is absolutely great finds. There is really more of GenSan aside from Tuna and you have blogged it well ;))

  12. i wanna come back to gen san na..yummyumm talaga foodies don..

  13. Wow! Now I know GenSan has more aside from Tuna Fish and Manny Paquiao. ^_^

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