Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Remembering the Best of 2011

At the Mahogany Market, Tagaytay, with Wilma Doesnt
The family had a lot going on last 2011.  Thank God we had provisions to visit splendid places, meet famous people and celebrities.   What was most  delightful was sharing most of these experiences with my family and friends.
I know I always have a lot to say or write about these pictures, just that I may not have enough  time and memory to tell them all.   So just enjoy the pictures, which most of them I took and the others by members of my family.   I don't want them go to waste by just keeping them.  Everyone is free to ask questions or just comment.  Thanks for accommodating...

Bohol Trip
Refreshed  and Invigorated at  Baguio

Before and after Christmas from Manila Hotel to Pampanga's Lantern Fest

Thanksgiving and Christmas at Marriott Hotel
I'm not done yet though, more to come...
And here's to a more prosperous 2012 to us all!


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