Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dillingers 1903

I seem to possess what I like to call, "Domestic ADD"
I start a project like, say, cleaning the bathroom, and before you know it I have done something like go to retrieve the mop and I will notice that the  closet is in disarray.  And then I will take the time to clean that and then in the process of taking the mop back to the bathroom I see that Giada DeLaurentis has a new show on,  so I sit for a bit and watch that and then in the process of that I notice my kids clothes are all over the floor,  I take those back to their  closet or put them on the washer bin.  And then figure while I am there I should re-arrange my closet and clean under our  bed. And then I will remember I have to go to the market to buy something for lunch so I run out to do that and then end up stopping at a friend's for some counseling  and by the time I get home it's time to make lunch and then I realize that the primary objective of cleaning my bathroom never happens and I don't have time to do it at that moment.
Which could be subconscious.   I hate cleaning the bathroom.   I would rather wash 1000 caked-on, greasy dishes,   than have to clean my bathroom.   And the horrible dynamic is that I am obsessive about having a clean bathroom.
I really should be medicated.   Don't you think.  
Wait,  for the mean time let  this be my medication. . .  grubbing on best munches.   
This time at Dillingers 1903 and what's best is sharing the moment with my loved ones.  The best remedy ever!  
Off we went, me, Bhogs, our two kiddos, my sis-in-law with her husband, Erwin and sweetie daughter, Jaeda, to Greenbelt 3.  This has been long even before Christmas came.   We don't have any gifts bought for them, of course except Jaeda, so we decided to dine out with them on our expense, which happens to be a rare occasion,  har ha har.   We know that the couple loved steaks and burgers so we checked out the internet for new restaurants specializing in such that they haven't tried yet.   You see they've checking off from their bucket's list places where they had good and not that good steaks.    I even encouraged her of having a food blog since they too are foodies like me.
Are you ready for this!  Well,  I am!
Here is where FOOD COMA began...Crunchy big Onion rings.
Cajun Chicken  Sticks with Fries.   Somehow I didn't find these cajun enough.  I mean there is no notes of spiciness on them.   But the kids liked them. 
Erwin's Ultimate Burger.  Gosh I forgot to ask him how it's named.   But isn't that something worth remembering?  Look at that juicy beef patty, sided with fresh leafy salad and potato fries.  With this alone I could get into a coma, hahaha,  Irresistible,  ey?  To be honest I wouldn't be able to finish one, with this huge serving I needed a someone  to share it with.
Erwin, our "pro photographer for the day," (he's a graphic artist) taking random shots.
These are what we ordered for the kids.   Carbonara and below is the Fetuccini in Marinara sauce.   My kids, Dana and Nica loved it.   My kids are vocal about not really eating spaghetti or any pasta dish without me or Ate preparing it for them, and yup, their used to it, and we get problematic whenever they attend a party and the "ol tym fave" spaghetti is being served for kids.  but this time they ate the Carbonara...And I got flattered with what my youngest told me after tasting it, well I guess you have an idea, hihi, modesty aside.   The way they prepared it is much the same as how we all like it.   Saucy, creamy, bacony and buttery-milky, without too much going on in the sauce.  Let me mention that I got the recipe from my sis-in-law,  Lhen, as what she is known to everyone.
I found this particular pasta a bit tangy which I like, though a bit briny.    The pasta though were cooked to perfection, though they used only one kind of pasta (fettuccine) for both dishes.
The Angus Rib Eye Steak.   Warning... You have to be a certified beef-eater to enjoy it!  Or not!  
I am not really a meat-eater.  Though not a pure vegetarian also, I used to be a trying hard "flexitarian."   Flexitarians  are people who are not following a pure vegetarian lifestyle. These are people who are grating a vegetarian menu in their current diets.   Yes that's  failure I don't actually consider a fail.   If so, I wouldn't be enjoying this slab of pure beefy goodness.  We had it done medium rare, we like our meat shanks juicy though not bloody-raw.   I would prefer being a  balanced eater for this and won't decide to be a vegetarian.
The Peppered Steak.   There are different styles in preparing Pepper steak or Peppered steak.  Their however is the Chicago style.  Where the beef (I think round) is covered in black peppercorns, seasoned fairly with salt, some oil and wine, then pan-seared or grilled till brown.  You can have your steaks with rice or mashed potatoes.    We all loved the creaminess of their mashed potatoes,  and you can tell if they are using good ones for this, and they do.    Hhhmm, if I could remember it, I think the Peppered steak is likely to be better for me, than the previous steak, which tended to be a bit bitter with the aftertaste.  Which i think a glass of wine could compliment that, and they do carry a wide array of wines and alcohols.
And the glorious Lava Cake, which I did have a try.   The kids emptied the plate right even before I could finish my plates with huge parts of both the steaks.    The staff serving us was so sweet, having three kids to share with this might be disappointing for the two who won't get the part where the cherry sits, he gave one cherry each for the two kids' plates.   It's like an over-sized miniature chocolate cake topped with gorgeous serving of  vanilla ice cream and over the top drizzle of chocolate syrup!  Madness I tell you. . .The foodie motto usually is , "always leave room for dessert," but with all the food I tried and gobbled up at only 4:30 in the afternoon,  that taught didn't actually pass my mind, so I leave the dessert to them.   And the kids were like monsters pretending to be sweethearts when they got the plate.  
The place is very post war looking.   We were actually talking of one the most-wanted man in America during 1930's, John Dillinger, who we have watched at a report at Discovery channel.   And you guessed it right, the place was named after him.   Bhogs said the place looked like it belonged to a mob, with the musk, streamlined interiors.   It could have been more fun if they added some riffles framed or glass-encased on a wall, cause I really find the place grim  (as it should be I guess), and stiff.  But masked in all the those boring interiors is a fine menu and a budget befitting a typical foodie like us who loves to enjoy good food and company without splurging too much.   Oh yes, it is rather affordable than any other steakhouse out there.   Any family or company looking for that can be found here!
Okay, I am still not cured over that darn domestic ADD (you know attention deficit disorder), so I still am on the run for more cures. . .


  1. It was such a treat! Thank to you Joy, Erwin and I, as you know how much we love steak, enjoyed it a lot. The steak was so good. Prepared just the way we imagined it to be. Meat was tender, juicy, the aroma, hmmm... I still salivate just by looking at these photos. And yes... I agree with you, it's not only the food, the staff has to be commended for that wonderful service... they were so nice with the kids. We had so much fun. Another contribution to my unforgettable gastronomic adventures. You always amaze me. Fink to that!

  2. We were actually talking of one the most-wanted man in America during 1930's, John Dillinger, who we have watched at a report at Discovery channel. And you guessed it right, the place was named after him. Bhogs said the place looked like it belonged to a mob, with the musk, streamlined interiors. cotton sofa covers online , velvet soft fitted sheet


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