Sunday, January 29, 2012

All-Filipino Pizza Choices

I'm sure if you are a Filipino, you must have tried Sisig in one way or another,   Soo Pinoy have actually featured the dish and had followers nominated and voted the best Sisig.  My daughter Danielle always rant about it whenever she hears Pampanga.  But I'm not writing this blog for Sisig, do I?
I'm to feature pizzas.  Another of the family's favorite.
Before I go through with my new food discovery, let me just share something that could be helpful to parents like me.
Do you have a child like mine,  who  dominates every minute of every day with her fits and fights and tantrums.  Does she get into everyone's nerves and make your home uncontrollable?  Do you ever ask yourself, how in the world I could get everyone tamed even for just a few hours to get something perfectly done at home, or breathe some fresh air into your home.
In my case, it's a bit extreme, I have two teens and two primaries ( a 6 and soon to be 8).
Usually, the one mentioned in the first question is the youngest of all the children, so older kids really goes through a hard time understanding younger siblings.   Most of the  time, the next best thing they can to any uncontrollable situations is to yell, "Stop it!", and the next thing is that the dad or the mom barging in with another scream, now involving everyone in sight.
So how do we cope with situations when our tolerance, patience and understanding wear very thin and shouting seems the only way out?
Bear in mind that determining what is difficult behavior from a child falls into an ambiguous category; what one person may attribute to bad behavior may not be considered so by another.
In our case, I have observed that the four kids manage so well with each other if there is food at their center.  Yes, FOODS!  We are all happy when food is the center of our topic, or if are to go to an unusual place where our activity is to eat.  Does it show in this blog? Hahaha...
My younger kids can actually be left at home with a baby-sitter, if you have promised to bring home donuts or their favorite pizzas or whatnot, even my two teen can be bribed with the same to take care of  home or their younger siblings.
Of course, they are all like saints if we are to go to church or any church activities, that doesn't count, but also another great family prioritized activity that harness their character.

I will be giving more points on this below, but let me go to what unites our family, minus the clamor, petty fights and whines.  Let's talk about pizza.   Just a few days ago, we promised our kids to go on swim at a remote river with astonishing falls at Amadeo, Cavite, and eat somewhere afterwards.   It was Monday and a holiday, but migraine attacked their dad.   So after dinner, we left to buy pizzas, no we don't go for franchised anymore, we wanted to try something unique.   I've read in a certain blog that there is now a restaurant that has Filipino dish fused into their pizza choices.   Dishes such as Bistek, Laing, and Sisig.
Sizzling Sisig, Danielle's favorite, made famous by Aling Lucing in Angeles, Pampanga, is a dish wherein pork cheeks and ears are boiled, grilled, chopped, seasoned with onions, calamansi, chili, salt and pepper with mashed grilled chicken liver and placed on a sizzling platter.
Good heavens, now it's on a crust, on a pizza even.  Knowing there is a resto serving this, I turned to Google, to search for that.   Thanks to Mangyan Blogger, for his  review on MJ's Cafe Bar and their offerings of rightful thin crust, hand -rolled and grilled pizzas.

Not on the picture is Laing Pizza, the next I, want to try.
I was right!  When Bhogs and I went home with  boxes of pizzas,  My kids all went  to the dining table, circled, excited and intrigued capturing our senses.  To be safe, I ordered only Sisig Pizza, since our Kuya was a bit scared, he asked if we could just have the regular pizza, so for his sake I ordered the Neopolitan.
The Neopolitan Pizza, comes simply with bacon, black olives on a bed of mozzarella cheese.   But it was simply pleasant-tasting.  We  love how thin and crispy the crust is, with just the right thickness of the toppings.  This one I can really say "affordelicious" (pardon me for borrowing the term) for just the raw amount of  P190.00.  While the Filipino-pizza fussion is only P230.00.

If my technique, eating or dining out isn't for your family, here are some pointers of disciplining the children, you may want to bear in mind.
  • Try not to overreact. I know that sounds easier said than done, but take a deep breath. Don't let parent stress cause you to become tense and wound up. If in public, ignore comments or hard looks that come your way; it will only make you more annoyed.
  • Do what you feel is right. Think about what your levels of discipline are and what you expect from your child. Don't follow someone else's advice just because they offered it.
  • Talk to your child and tell him why he should not be doing certain things. Help him to understand. Break it down, if you have to, in to simple terms.
  • Offer rewards. No, not a new handheld video game! Hugs or kisses are great! If, for example, you offer ice cream in exchange for good behavior, you are telling how to behave next time in order to get ice cream.
MJ's Cafe Bar
Baypark (beside Rajah Sulayman Park), Roxas Boulevard Service Road
Call them at :

+63 923 3588234; +63 2 475-4163

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  1. This is really interesting. I've read a few blogs featuring MJ's Cafe Bar's famous Pinoy pizzas, but I haven't got the chance to try it out yet. Will give it a go really soon though, I want to have a taste of the Sisig Pizza :D

  2. I love pizza too but I haven't try this sisig pizza yet. Looks interesting! :)

    Visiting from FTF. Hope u can visit mine, too.

  3. Those pizzas look fab! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


  4. very interesting to see sisig pizza for the first time..would to try one when i come back home..

    Our Kitchen

  5. great post...very intersting for mom like me! anyway,pizza looks really delicious. sana we could try it kapag nakauwe ulit. visiting from FTF, see you around. have a great week! :)

  6. pizza...yum and I just had it today too Sis :-) Visiting from FTF, hope that you can return the visit too.

  7. oh, our family will go together well with pizza.. what caught me aside from food is the falls in Cavite. I didn't know there is falls in Amadeo. btw, yeah, I'm excited to meet Chef Bruce and try their food but I'm not in a rush. hihi.. I'm sure there will come a time where we could meet or any of my friends by chance or I'll just see you before it gets expired. Havey great week ahead!

  8. Wow, looks so yummy!!

    Visiting for FTF! Hope you can stop by:)

  9. Havent tried the sisig flavor and i guess we dont have that kind here. But if there is I might want to try it too. mine is here thanks Sahm’s Dining Diary Visiting you from FTF

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