Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ya Kun Kaya Toast with Kuya

 Finally, Singaporean kopi is now available in Pasay City.   It has been a while since I haven't been to Mall of Asia.   Months ago a deal at Buyanihan came out, it was about Ya Kun Kaya Toast although it is
only redeemable at Ortigas.   I've always wonder how Singaporean coffee, known also as Kopi can be different to the coffee we Filipinos usually have and how it can survive our market.  I saw once how a line of customers waiting to buy from Kopi Roti, that was the only time I saw a Singaporean joint has that many customers, well, it was their anniversary and they were selling their buns for less their price.   Shhh! I was oblivious to try it out.   But I did try their bun way before it became quite known as it is now, and the taste?  Have you ever tried dipping your bread or pan de sal (morning wheat bread typical in the Philippines) in coffee?  That's how it tastes, and a bit sweeter.   But I love passing by any Kopi Roti bakeshops just so to experience the lovely whift of Kopi surrounding the area, it is really invigorating.
The last time we were at MOA, I saw a site being renovated to open for Ya Kun Kaya and " Yey!"  About a month or so from that time, my son was "having a bun in the oven" moment once again.   Sure it was an opportunity to bond with my only son, who happens to be my eldest.   He wanted to go to PB and Co. for an afternoon  filling after getting his books from their school.   Alas, behold Ya Kun Kaya Toast's opening Day!  "Woohoo!"  20 % is being slashed off on any value set meals that will be ordered. 

 The Singaporean owner was there, my son was pushing me to interview the guy but I am not sure if we will be accommodated since they were all busy preparing.   After taking all the photo shoots, we had a refreshing drink, mine was Iced Coffee and my Kuya Darren  has Milo Dinosaur.   According to the staff, it is the leading coffee chain in Singapore since 1944 and their Kaya toasts have always been a hit.  
Chocolate Butter Toast Set Meals
Every Value Set Meal 1 or 2 Soft Boiled Eggs, hot coffee or Tea
Hmmm, i just realized, we didn't have coffee or tea on our set meals.
A poor service for that! 

Cheesy French Toast with Kaya
Kaya is Singaporean spread,  where eggs, coconut milk, sugar and pandan  whippied  up all together  to come up as sweet and creamy.

Ya Kun Kaya is well known for serving authentic Singaporean Coffee.  How then is this unique?   According to the staff, their coffee beans come from Singapore and they have a different way of brewing coffee.   Famed as "pulled coffee or tea", as you can see on the picture above, the barista allows certain body movements having the coffee flow magnificently.   This requires a lot of skills and practice and a lot of burns.   Remember the coffee is being "pulled"  at a certain high temperature.   As the coffee flow from one kettle to another, you can smell the intense aroma of the coffee, relaxing your senses and inviting you to have a cup.
Another thing to consider, In Singapore, when ordering coffee you have to specify how you want your coffee, same here at Ya Kun Kaya.   So here are just some being offered here:
Kopi, coffee with condense milk
Kopi-C, coffee with evaporated milk
Kopi-O, coffee with sugar only (Coffee Black)

Teh, tea with milk and sugar
Teh-C, tea with evaporated milk
Teh-O, tea with sugar only

Our visit turned out to be well, the place is very inviting and comfortable, perfect for rainy season stop-overs.   We love the decor, the gigantic wall pictures definitely describes the coffee shop!   I even found one that really fancied me and would want it to be my husband and I's theme quote.   We were able to see how they brew their coffee, tried out their Kaya toasts, and sampled their coffee! 

Ya Kun Kaya
Address:  Mall of Asia, North Parking Building, beside SM Hypermarket
Contact number: 8905922


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