Saturday, June 11, 2011

Miss Matamis Indeed!

   I really owe Miss Matamis herself a lot,  Chef Gigi Patrimonio.   It's been like centuries (sorry for that), that I have been planing to post this.  And finally I did it! 

    Parties would be so not complete without cakes.   It may not be always on top of the lists of many who coordinates events such us weddings, birthdays and even baptismal or in our way child dedication.  But it is most important , well aside from the celebrant though..   That is why Goldilocks and  Red Ribbon  is shoveling money till now.

   But now, more pastry (cake/sweet) maker are  gaining popularity because consumers are now more demanding on the type of cake they will be show-casting on their events.   Here are basically how cake-buyers, particularly, check on when looking for a cake-designer.
+++Looks/Design/Theme.   As we can observe having a themed party have been becoming an art and a skill as well.  More fun and preparations are synergized to make it more inviting.  And the cake dresses up the event even more.  In our case, my daughter's 7th birthday party was a prince and princess party.
+++Cake.   The type of cake that will be used should always tie in with the frosting.  For sponge and moist cakes it has to be boiled icing or colored butter-cream icing.  For cakes with heavier covering like fondant icing, it has to be compound or
+++Cost.  It also is the fact of the matter that the design and type of cake dictates the cost.

   I give my heart-felt gratitude...She made my daughter's cake table the way our birthday girl have thought of. 
   The design was clean, simple but has all what we asked of to be on the birthday sweet treat.  At a budget that fitted us!  Don't be mislead by the picture.  The cake is so huge and quite heavy, being covered with white fondant icing.  But you would be amazed the chocolate cake inside is so moist and airy, not flat or chunked. It is 12 inches in diameter as said but in actual was bigger due to the fondant, and 7 to 8 inches in height, that does not include the crown cake topper, which is also fondant.
   At first I was asking if a sugar-free cake can be made instead of the regular cakes used, but knowing how expensive it might be, I opted for all of us to have slices of the chocolate cake Chef Gigi had whipped for us.    You heard it right a magical chocolate cake is tucked in on those chewy and sweet fondant icing.
   Well the first thing we did when we were home already after the party was to slice the cake off.   And we all clamored getting the first bite.   Everyone was so satisfied with the cake, even my daughter who is diabetic was jumping after she had tasted it.  That's how she is when she gets excited and even commented that she loved us both, her Dad and me, for giving her the best birthday she had.  Ahhh, life's littlest joy.   Every effort were all worth it!
   Oh and aside from the cake we were able to enjoy, we were so blessed enough to try her Walnut Fudge and Chocolate Cashew Cookies.   I can't help eating more than one of the Walnut fudge bar,
at one sitting with all the good things I want in a caramel bar.   Each bar has enough walnuts and the chewy and soft but not so sweet mix is sure to make conversations over cups of teas.   
   A box full of these (Chocolate Cashew Cookies) can be a better gift on any occasions.   Or just have them with a cold glass of milk.   The crunch puts a jolt of excitement as you get to the mid part of the cookie.   
   What I love about Miss Matamis Bakeshop is that the treats are not too sweet where a piece would be enough.   From the cake, to the pastries that we have sampled, Miss Matamis Bakeshop really showed us how life truly is sweet!
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  1. wow looks yummy. i love sweets too!!

  2. Those walnut fudge and chocolate cashew cookies look divine! I have a sweeth tooth but recently I've been shying away from cakes and pastries because I wanted to lose weight. But seeing these goodies now made me look forward to my next cheat day! Haha. :)

  3. @edelweiza...yes they are truly divine! If ever an event arise and we both would be invited I'd be delighted to have you sample them...Whoops there goes your weight loss program!


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