Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Host My First Contest!

I started blogger as in, blogging here at blogger.com, on the 29th of October 2010, and since then, though I am not really aiming to hit skyrocketing statistics, I've been getting quite a number of visits and readers though not that many have been commenting!
 Thanks a lot to you guys for spending time just to say something on my posts.
As you can see on my home page

I am at 10,886 page views ( as of June 15, 2011), I know, not that much but this is a big deal for me.   When my kids noticed that I'm almost on my 10,000th view, they were so amazed and they even suggested I do something about it, like posting it on FB, or give something tangible to whomever.  Sorry but I wasn't able to plan something nice.
Till I thought of an idea, I would want to pay homage to those who follow my blog/blogs and planing a great something on my first year anniversary.  But I can't wait that long, so why not give something when I reach 11,111 page views.  Hahaha, how's that!   And how about on the 22,222, now that would be really something!  Hoping for 33,333!   Hihihihi...
Okay, now here is the treat.
I will give away one box each of  Chewy Junior Healthy cream puffs, contains 6 different variations of  yummiest cream puffs, to 2 commenters.

And for the exceptionally blessed one who will be chosen as the most loved comments, chosen by my kids will have this!
A box full of 12 pieces Heavenly  Chocolate Cupcakes, made by  " moi" topped with Butter cream frosting and the works!

So how can you be chosen, or how can you have these foodie faves?
On the day I hit my 11,111 page view, anyone can comment, say anything that would make my kids happy and me delighted.
 Please my five- year-old can read and my seven-year old critics, so be careful giving comments, it should not interpret, violence or vulgarity.  Comment on my latest post on that day.  Promise I will post only one write-up as it draws near to 11,111. So we don't get confused.
Like  Gastronomy-All about food Fan page at Facebook  
and comment on FB that you have written something on the comment box at my blog.
With it kindly put your complete name and contact number.
So, is that easy or what?
If ever you may have seen that my page views reach beyond that number , you may still comment.  You can comment as many as you like.  The contest runs from the time the blogger reaches 11,111 counts and ends 24 hours after that.
So do check my page so often till we reach 11,111... Hope that's exciting enough.

NTBN:  For my Filipino readers/friends who happens to be out of the Philippines, you can still join and have your family or friends enjoy my treat, that is if we love your comment!  Do include notes that you are not based in Manila, Philippines.
Thanks a lot!
Gratzie Mille!
Merci buco!
Maraming Salamat Po!

Mommy Joy


  1. Hello Mommy Joy and beautiful Dana and cute Nika!! Congratulations for your soaring pageviews!! wow..for a new blogger..that's an achievement already. You write so well naman kasi! :)

  2. The gingerbread man on the toppings looks too cute to eat, hahaha!

    Visiting via Thursday Brownies. Hope you can visit mine too.

  3. @gene, tnx sweetie! I have added you to my "to follow list already!"

  4. wow, i agree its too cute kids will surely love it. and me too ;)

    happy FTF!


    see yah!

  5. i love it done posting comment on your latest post.yeayyy..

  6. wow! i wish i could join! sharing with you my browns here http://bustlingbangkok.info/the-mall-bangkapi/ hopeyou could come by visit!

  7. interestig idea!

    i wish you good luck as you go for the line of 3 :)

    happy ftf!

  8. great contest and yummy prices! :) glad to know its open even for non-phils. residence...have a great weekend! :)

  9. Oh, you submitted this din pala in FTF.

    Visiting via Food Trip Friday. Hope you can visit my entry Little Korean

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Mommy Joy! You write so well and that is the reason why readers keep on viewing your blog! Btw, I have shared to my fanpage about your first giveaway. More power! ^_^

  12. my kids would love those cupcakes... one of our favorite thing to eat.. yumee!

    forgot to post name etc,,

    agnes dela cruz
    Olongapo City

  13. @gracesongbird...Hey sweetie! Thanks for all the effort!

  14. @magz13, Thanks for dropping by, but the contest ended already, don't worry this is the first time, there'll be more, If in any case you would be visiting Manila txt me so I can give you a sample of my cupcakes! Have a great ye all!

  15. so far this is the contest that gives no hassle.. i love it.. you know what i love your blog.. it's cool huh.. :D ;P good luck! :)

  16. Go go go Bes! great to see the number of your followers in your blogs! reaching 10k plus viewers for a new bloger is a blast! and the fact that you are about a year in blogging..cheers to that!

    I know you are enjoying a lot with those adventures in writing. God bless more my bff!

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