Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Antipolo's Exotica at Eduardo's

Riddle me this: 
This is Adobo, though not pork, not chicken but somehow tastes like chicken. 
What Adobo is this?
   HAve anyone been to Antipolo?  A town in Rizal, being An encompassing vista of Metro Manila.   It is known to cater to diners that lurks for exotic dishes.   My sister in-law even have a story, which till now haunts my vain sanity.  Years ago, years, years ago, they've been to a place in Antipolo to have dinner, never in their thought have crossed that their boss will give them the worst dinner in their life.   As they entered the uncanny restaurant, lots of monkeys greet them, all of them caged or tied to a tree.   As they sat to order, the waiter asked them "Maam, pili po kayo ng unggoy," at that moment though she was pointing to a certain monkey saying, "ang cute noh," the waiter instantly nabbed the monkey she was pointing at and with an itak, cut the head off the animal, put it in a plate, opened up the top of the head with a knife, were the fresh brain of the monkey gushed out, blow-torched it, while the eyes of the monkey just stared at her.  Erck!  So, sorry about that, I didn't mean to have you puke or push you away to reading this.   Pity for the poor monkey, but I think restos like that have been closed down already, with the help of advocacies made against animal brutality.

I hope you can still read this!   All the food posted are fiesta Filipino dishes.   Eduardo's was what the people of Antipolo were suggesting.   They said their Bulalo was to try.  That would be good cause my kids are Bulalo-lovers.    We asked around the municipality while scamping for a decent place to have our lunch after a morning full of divine grace and bonding with the Manlapaz family at Casa Ibiza.  Three or four that we asked about pointed us to the same place, Eduardo's, which was along the highway, near a hospital.   The place is not that inviting, parking is in front and only a few spaces are alotted, "park at your own risk" way.   The place is old and native-looking, but what the heck, people claim the food is great and we are all starving.   Here are samples of what they offer.

Ginataang Hipon with pineapples and at the back was Laing
Bilao of Fried Porkchop, Chicken, Tilapia, Steamed and grilled veggies with Salted-eggs and green mango salad
JUlie and Bhaggs' kids didn't like the sisig, my kids neither, they even said their mom's sisig is way better.  The brain meats are a bit chunky, i mean chopped big.  It has lots of fats and the sauce is not that sumptuous.
Halabos sa Hipon
MY kids love shrimps so we had this, and it has lots of veggies, which are cooked right, a bit crisp and soft.   The sauce was nice, not salty and just right consistency.   Only I got to eat just one shrimp, and had most of the veggies.
The Famous Bulalo
THe Bulalo was a bad choice.   The soup doesn't taste meaty, it didn't capture the true blue taste of the beef and the bone.   I think it needs a couple more hours of cooking to establish what we are looking for.   My kids were not satisfied.  The meat was arguably cooked but not tender, we needed patis to enhance the flavor.  
I Had also Laing, it's a dish from gabi leaves, dried and cooked with gata or coconut milk.   Oh I was not able to take a picture of it since it was the last to be served.   I did not get that itchy after feel on my tongue and throat which I normally experience when eating a badly prepared Laing.    It was good but once again Bhaggs suggested that I must try Julie's Laing.  I can't wait!
One Frog on a Plate
WHenever we go to our province in Bohol, I often hear natives talk about how many frogs they've caught in the rice fields, amongst are snakes and rats or gnats.   Only to hear that it will be what they will put on their tables.   Yay!
HEre at Eduardo's we finally get to experience a one-of-a-kind meat rather.   The Frog Adobo.  At first you would be mistaken it for chicken, well it taste like chicken yet with  a bit of nasty fishy after-taste.   This is definitely a must when wanting to dine and experience Antipolo uniquely.
HEy Julie, how do you find the frog legs?...For me it was sumptuous, my Bhogs even had a lot of it.
Manlapaz and Felizardo, waiting for the food, oh wait where are the mommies?
The facade of Eduardo's


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