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One Central Hotel: Downtown Cebu City's Premiere Affordable Luxury Hotel

Economic growth had spurred in Cebu City which seemed to fuel  the need for more accommodations for businessmen and tourists who can't seem to get enough the city's historic community.  To celebrate Cebu's history, One Central Hotel was established and envisioned to be downtown Cebu City's premiere business hotel.

Everyone is invited to make it a home while learning about the unique Cebuano history as you stroll down Cebu's downtown district.  Get to savor the city's unique streetfood and experience first-hand the biggest wet market in Cebu - tabuan, and all the historical sites that date back to 15th century when the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines.  There is no better place than One Central Hotel, the pride of the old Cebu City district and the repository of good memories from the past to present there can only be one and that is One Central Hotel.

One Central Hotel is downtown Cebu’s premier business hotel, offering affordable luxury accommodations and a panoramic view of the city. The hotel is conveniently located at the corner of Leon Kilat and Sanciangko Streets, making it the perfect starting point for travelers and businessmen as it is near the bus terminal and port area.

A Home While You Go City Exploring

One Central Hotel is located right at a strategic location in the downtown area, it is close to the South Bus terminal where you can grab a bus to the various tourist attractions and activities that you can participate in like whale watching in Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Osmena Peak and many other wonderful and emerging tourist attractions in the south.  Also, One Central Hotel is walking distance from Basílica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebú,and Magellan's Cross which is considered by many to be the Philippines first foray into Christianity.  It's a 10 minute walk to Fort San Pedro and Casa Gorordo and all the key historical sites that defines Cebuano culture, and downtown Cebu has a vibrant energy and peace and order is well maintained, there are many other emerging developments like the upcoming Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway that would make One Central Hotel that much closer to more locations, also this property has been with us for the last 70 years in the family and it's filled with history aside from it being where the Cebu Central Train Station once stood, of course there are other vantage points for how our hotel is different.


The hotel offers 157 rooms with panoramic views of the city, meeting rooms and a grand ballroom for your intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. One can plunge into the cool waters of the hotel’s pool or continue your fitness regimen at the fitness gym. It is home to hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Café Tartanilla-that offers delectable buffet spread and downtown’s longest happy hour.

Will talk more about their amenities in my following blog and my experience having to spend two nights at this  hotel.

The Story Behind the First Hotel Venture of Stephen Yu and Family

One Central was built on the site of an old lumber yard, and rose from the grounds near the location where Cebu’s Central Train Station once stood. This used to be the epicenter of trade and commerce and has been a witness to Cebu’s modernization.  The property is owned by the Yu's, one of Cebu's notable business family. Thinking of a way to preserve the family's business legacy, the plan to sell the property paved the way to investing on it and seeing a brighter future for Cebu City's modernization, thus the hospitality business.

In the early 1900’s, the birth of the train paved the way for the rise of businesses and the modernization of Cebu. The Central Station sprawls from the site of the current Development Bank of the Philippines and Cebu City Medical Center. Aside from the train, horse-drawn carriages, or tartanillas, also played a part in transporting the passengers to and from the train stations. The 57-mile railway stretches all the way from Danao up north to Argao down south. There is also a short railway that leads up to the port along Leon Kilat Street. The dawn of World War II ended the train operations in Cebu.

What Makes One Central Exceptional

One Central Hotel is managed by Bluewater Hospitality, best known for its homegrown and wholly-Filipino owned chain of resort hotels in the Visayas and Mindanao. Bluewater Hospitality brings their over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry along with their uniquely Cebuano approach to hospitality which they call “amuma with excellence”.

Amuma, a Cebuano word which  means to treat with ultimate indulgence or a manner of pampering.  It is Blueawater's core competence and now being passed on to One Central, hence you can be assured of the same sincere andFilipino-style service from the famed resorts in Maribago, Panglao and Sumilon island.

For more details, visit

Address: Corner Leon Kilat and Sanciangko Streets,
               Cebu City 6000
Contact Numbers:  (032) 888 8000


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