Thursday, October 4, 2018

La Scala Museum Cafe

With 16 rooms to accommodate their guests at the BnB, La Scala Museum Cafe proved to be more than a breakfast place.

It's a place full of character, memories, and love.

Not too many know about this cafe disguised as a museum or is it the other way around.  Either ways, once you enter, you'll be instantly sucked into a world of intriguing yet remarkable past. More than this, what sets this cafe (together with the hotel) from the others is how it was built upon - "the simple joys of life," as how the owner's children would want it to be represented.

What used to be a home for the Go's back in the 50's is now a building with a bed and breakfast, with a full service cafe, a salon and laundromat on the ground floor and a Japanese resto on the other side.  If you've decided to stay, you wouldn't need to go far for such services.

Sometimes, when I go to a place, interesting things come out in the open which somehow inspires you or touches you in some ways. The backstory of La Scala and how it paid homage to the owner's ascendants is a classic example.  Before it became a museum cafe and residential inn, it was a store catering to the residents of what was then the golden era of Malate.  It was then called Scala Grocery. The namesake was inspired from  the owner's trip to Italy particularly the opera house in Milan, Teattro alla Scala, which I didn't happen to visit when we went to Milan last year. With the turn of the century, Malate as what we know now has become a tourist trap with all it's hustle and bustle, however, a part of it still have that old world charm.

The cafe and a so called museum of sorts is a home for the owner's array of vintage keepsakes.  But it's only a partial of all the collection that he has.  You get a glimpse of the owner's lifestyle and passion just by looking at the displayed collections.  Seeing the phonograph, turntable, vinyls, vintage microphone, old musical instruments, jukebox and photos upon photos of famous singers, you can tell he loves music, particularly Elvis Presley's.

I don't blame the guy for amassing an impressive number of action figures and old comic strips, as they still have quite a value.


And who doesn't love the brand Coca-cola?

But what made me look deeper behind all that your eyes can see is the man behind all these.

To his employees, he is a father, a brother and a friend who always look at the best interest of his people and his family.  In return, those that work for him have such high respect and gratitude to him.  The cafe's chef is still the chef who cooked the very first dish served in the cafe.  The staff, doesn't seem to mind their paycheck as gratitude was fostered amongst them. Even a fire that broke the business didn't hinder them to stay behind and help build what La Scala is now.

Not to forget the spot reserved for his beloved grandchild who passed away due to a rare case of leukemia.  Remember Courageous Caitie?  Upon entry you will notice a case with cute baby girl stuff and a picture of Caitlin Lucas.

Cause you see, like most of the ordinary people, the owner and his family also have a share of their own family battles, which included fighting cancer, but given the circumstances, they were able to rise above them and managed to be in the game, but with the heart.

Let's talk food...

Nothing has changed much with it's offerings.  From Continental to Spanish festive dishes, you can enjoy them all while not thinking of burning holes in your pocket.  The dishes are served in huge shareable portions, which roughly serves up to four people.

My daughter and I had the classic Caesar Salad, Club House Sandwhich, Fish and Chips, Spaghetti Meatballs and Mango Crepe.

I didn't seem to find something really special with their food but they were all equally delightful.

The food has that same top-notch hotel quality, with evident fresh ingredients without scrimping. Their menu is best for groups as what they're pushing for in the cafe with several VIP rooms to accommodate music and fun-loving diners, and consumable packages with free Karaoke or Videoke usage.

If you love good food and vintage knick knacks, this has got to be the place for you.

La Scala Museum Cafe
Address:  Second Floor, Stargate Building,
               1711 M. Adriatico St., Malate, Manila

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