Friday, March 23, 2018

On Being a Prime Mom with Mega Prime’s Canned Fruits and Vegetables

Mega Prime, the brand that paved the way to quality canned vegetables in the market had just recently renewed their contracts with Marian Rivera-Dantes.  Since it's plunge into the market bringing canned Mushrooms, Kernel Corn, and Green Peas products, they knew Marian would best suit the embodiment of a Mega Prime endorser.

Many girls look up to Marian especially now that she is a mom to an equally beautiful girl. It was indubitable for people not to notice the brand without Maryan in the picture, and according to her, she uses the products and believes in the products.  She added, "if you know the product and can trust it, why would I not approve the tie-up with Mega Prime?"

Hence, the brand became well-loved by the consumers, and food purveyors can rejoice more now that they expanded its products to Garbanzos, and canned fruits and canned sweet preserves: fruit cocktail, peach halves and nata de coco.

Each can of Mega Prime contains ingredients that are meticulously harvested and processed to preserve the authenticity of their taste and flavor.  Whether you’re making a quick dinner for your tired kids after a full day at school or creating a special dessert that will surely get the little ones excited, you can depend on Mega Prime to provide you with the quality ingredients you need. Mega Prime’s products are a testament to Mega Global Corporation’s commitment to offering only innovative, high quality, and affordable products to Filipino families.

At the said event held last week at Prime Hotel in Quezon City was the launch of the Prime Mom Club, where Marian was also the very first member to sign up being the ambassador of the said brand.

Prime Mom Club is an exclusive social community of moms who understand the needs of start-up moms and help them become successful homemakers through relevant and meaningful activities and knowledge-sharing. Prime Mom Club aims to make the lives of homemakers much easier by helping them whip up great meals by providing premium ingredients that can transform simple dishes into spectacular ones using Mega Prime products.

In addition, Prime Moms enjoy a host of privileges, such as the opportunity to be part of Mega Prime Exclusive events, a Special Prime Mom Club ID, a monthly newsletter compiling exciting recipes  and many chances to receive special gift items and products from Mega Prime. Prime moms will also be invited to join regular get-togethers where they can discuss relevant and timely home-making topics and listen to seasoned speakers and field experts to discuss a variety of topics that moms would find useful. 

The Prime Mom Club is open to all moms aged 25-35 years old who want to learn recipes, tips, and the like while being able to connect with like-minded moms. Sign-ups may be done online or on-ground during its various activities and events.

When Marian River was asked about her personal definition of a "Prime Mom," the question was thrown back at her, as if she was caught by surprise.  The interviewer was, of course, caught unaware as well, but she was able to assert herself saying that a mom is said to be a prime mom if she prioritizes her family above all and is willing to give all the best to them because of her love for them.

Marian Rivera then proceeded with her answer.  For her, a prime mom should love herself first before her family, which means to take care of herself kept healthy, happy and beautiful so that the kids could look up to her and emulate her.

For you, which of the two answers would you think defines you?  Or that should be a Prime Mom.

Whichever way, Mega Prime will be there to help you whip up dishes, your family will truly love and I'm sure they will adore you for it.

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