Monday, May 22, 2017

Two of Europe's Famous Lake in One Day + Castello Grande

Lake Como, Como, Italy
Can you possibly visit two European countries in one day?  The answer is yes!

Many travellers have actually made this tour, maximizing both their time and Schengen visas validation. 

With our ever trustee tour guides, the Manlapaz family, on their limited edition Chrysler Grand Voyager, my kids and I were able to visit two famous European lakes in one day, each one located on different countries separated by a border.

From the hastened world of Milan, we traveled early at 9 am and reached Como (another Lombardy province) by 11 am.  Finding parking space can be a challenge, even though there are wads of parking lots and buildings all over the town.  Hence, taking the bus and train can also be an option, which many tourists do.

After another two-hour drive we reached Bellinzona, Switzerland and stopped over to see the spectacular view over at Castello Grande.

From Bellinzona to Lugano, where Lugano Lake is, took only half an hour of drive, but expect some medium traffic alomg the roads.

The drive from each places would also allure you as rolling hills and pocketed villages along the sides of the lakes are such sights to behold.  Not to forget the amazing road architecture and transportation systems Italy and Switzerland have, hoping that in the future, the Philippines can also have the means to a progressive road system, making it easier to travel the different islands of the country, and travel more fun for families.

Lago di Como

Castello Grande

Castel Grande or Castello Grande is a castle in the town of Bellinzona in Switzerland.

It is also called castel vecchio, San Michele Castle or Castle of Uri. The three castles along with the walls of the city were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000.

Bellinzona is the capital of Ticino, Switzerland and known for its three castles - Castelgrande, Montebello, Sasso Corbaro.

During the reign of Diocletian and Constantin, a chain of castles and watchtowers were built to protect northern Italy from invasion, this inlcude Castelgrande.  Bellinzona's location was recognized as a key point in the defenses and a large castle was built to protect the walls. The town that grew up around the fortifications was known as Bilitio.

The imposing Manor occupies a rocky ridge on a length of over two hundred meters diagonally, with towering walls which the fortress is extended in passed up the river Ticino. The most ancient extant dates from the 10th century. The two towers rise up, perhaps because of slightly different shades of the stones that adorn them, are called white tower and black tower.

From one of the sides of the fortress, you can see the old Bellinzona town.

Around are majestic mountain views and some ice capped mountains too.

You can see also see the Alps in the region of Ticino, the highest peak is the Rheinwaldhorn/Adula
reaching3402 m high.

Lago di Lugano

 Lake Lugano, alias Ceresio  is a Prealpine Lake branched along the Swiss-Italian border.  The Administrative Division is rather complex, extending between the Canton of Ticino, province of Como and Varese. Italy currently owns the north-eastern section (with the town of Porlezza and the Valsolda, both in the province of Como) and a stretch of the West Coast at Porto Ceresio (Varese). Is the position of champion of Italy, historic Italian exclave surrounded by Switzerland. Switzerland belongs to the largest part and central part of the basin, with Lugano and Morcote.

Lugano is an Italian-speaking Swiss country and on the banks of the lake are majestic hotel and commercial buildings that boasts of avante-garde service and classy, expensive brands.

Along the lakeshore are walking parks where joggers would usually thread, while enjoying the scenic view of the mountain side villages on the hills nestled on the other side of the lake.

This lake is a glacial lake, which means that the water in it came from melted glaciers that erodes from the mountain.

What to do in Lake Lugano?

This peaceful town offers a few exciting activiites.  We parked at Lugano Art Center and walked to the park.

Italy to Switzerland in one day! 


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