Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mangiare! To Eat at Alzaia Naviglio Pavese

When my sibs' friends found out that I'm here in Milan, they organized a dinner at one of the sought-after dining place in Milano.  They knew right away where to bring me so I can feel that sweet way of Milanese welcome with the Filipino\s touch of course.

Filipinos and Italians have one thing in common - the love and passion for food!

Hence, we ate, but first we met up at Naviglio Grande and we all joined at Maya.
The Naviglio is a waterway that originates by taking water from the Ticino near the hamlet of Edemissen named Tornavento and ends in Darsena di Porta Ticinese in Milan.

The Naviglio Pavese was conceived  a waterway that linked Milan to Pavia.  It takes water from the dock of Porta Ticinese in Milan and flows into the Ticino at Pavia (so-called Confluent area), following the trend of the ancient ' by post '. It has a length of 33.1 km and a width of about 10.8 m 11.8 m at the bottom and the surface of the water. While flowing alongside the oldest Navigliaccio ', joined the irrigation function is to transport route.

The Naviglio Grande is the first of the channels that form the system of canals in Milan, the oldest and the most important. Its origins lie around 1177 with the expansion of a moat, then called Ticinello.

It is connected to Naviglio Grande which dates back as far as the 1200, as the first and largest European canal connected the city with Lake Maggiore and Switzerland, was essential to carry everything that could serve to improve the quality of life of the Milanese, who carried coal, wines, meats, fish, wood and even the marble used in the construction of the Cathedral, while transporting in the North they could enrich: salt , linen, iron, wheat and rice to sell abroad.

The walk was very enjoyable as on both sides of the river are typical old houses and wash houses with wooden roofs, I particularly adore the craftsman houses which makes me visualize past times. Today they house artists' studios, cafes, restaurants behind the typical facades and provide an ideal atmosphere for the evening meeting the Milan's youth.

One of the speakeasy bars, Strainer, you can find along the riverside of Naviglio.

Maya Ristorante

The restaurant Maya sul Naviglio was the group's choice.  When I searched about it, it says that it serves Tex-Mex.

The restaurant is open for happy hour, every day from 18 at 21:30, it offers a rich buffet.  Upon entrance a buffet table with a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh flowers will greet you. On the table you will find rolling more than 30 different courses, from appetizers to meat and fish dishes and Tx-Mex especialties.  However, what we had are a number of rice mixes, including rice, pastas and other international cuisine. The kitchen closes at 11 pm but the restaurant remains open and it turns into a bar at night.

It's not a big restaurant I'm accustumed to in Manila but seating is ample.  It's best to have a reservation.

The restuarant is designed after the Aztec-style.

With my new-found friends from the church, and relatives.

My daughters with their cousins. Aye, Daphne with Irish and her brother.

They offer an aperitiv package for 11 Euros, complete with a cocktail and food all-you-can-eat. 

Maya Ristorante

Address:   Via Ascanio Sforza, 41
                  Milan, Italy 20136


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  2. Hi Joy, thank you for sharing one of your experience in Milan. I enjoyed looking in your pictures. The pasta looks so festive. Are those cherry tomatoes?

    1. Hello Lady Lyn, thanks for the lovely comment. Visited your blog as well, hope I can be of help in your ministry in the future.


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