Friday, April 14, 2017

First Family Caving at Bakwitan Cave, Islas de Gigantes Norte

One of the locals who was selling Halo-halo told us that there are three caves in their island, we have only been to Bakwitan.  Life in their island is really tough.  Oh, let me tell you that finding these caves are much easier than finding a halo-halo vendor, as everything had to be shipped by boat from either Carles or Estancia port, also, I'm guessing not every household have a refrigerator, even the resort we're staying at.

These caves, more than a tourist destination are part of the locals' lives, as it had been their refuge from unimaginable storms.  Back in World War 11 it had been a stronghold as well. For now, it somehow helps the locals earn from being a guide to these landmarks in the island.

It wasn't our family's first time to trek uphill but it was our first spelunking experience.  One of the toughest was our Hulugan Falls trek in Luisiana, Laguna.

The trek was improved already with added bamboo trails and ladders.

At the top of the trek and the mouth of the cave, this will be your east sighting.  Majestic isn't it?

Here began our spelunking adventure.  The tourism sector of Carles, though have made prior developments, they weren't ready for the influx of spelunking activities thus they haven't thought much about safety, so don't expect for hard hats or good flash lights, but if you're not really going the tougher trail it's safe so no need for hard hats, but still for extra precaution.

The sight outside was breath-taking...

 But also the inside.

How marvelous is our God for making this for us.

This cave have been homes and refuge to the locals during the past storms, where they would evacuate, thus "bakwit" or "i-bakwitan."  So do respect it inside and out, for it only takes one touch to ruin a stalactite or stalagmite but it takes centuries to make a column,


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